Sambhaavnaa Institute’s Young Naturalist Camp for Children [Himachal Pradesh, Mar 23-27]: Registrations Open

By: Srishti Srivastav | 15 Jan 2020 1:20 AM


Children often perceive Life Sciences as a difficult subject that requires immense rote learning and a knack for jargons, however, they need to experience the natural abundance by being in nature rather than a classroom.  Once students find out about the delicate balance with which our ecosystem functions, they will begin to care and appreciate the existence of all life on earth.

In these 5 days of camp, children will observe nature from a scientific lens and try to understand the beautifully woven web of interdependence in which no living being is more important than the other, including humans. This experience will also help children consider adding a naturalist, a biologist, or even an explorer to the list of their dreams for the future.

Above all, the camp provides the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, values, and motivation necessary to become environmentally-responsible citizens – all in a playful manner.

Who is the workshop for?

This camp is specifically designed for children interested in diving deep into the natural world to understand the life sciences and are fascinated with the mesmerizing discovery of the life of a living organism.


The fees for the workshop is Rs. 7,500 for 5 days which includes food, accommodation, material, facilitation and travel(local) expense during the camp if any.


To register please write to, or Or Call on 8679475925 (Fatema) / 8629809536(Vikram)

Fill the application form available here.

For any further information, visit the page here.

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