Young Leaders’ Global Conclave MUN @ PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore [March 1-3]: Registrations Open

By: Usha | 25 Feb 2019 2:45 PM

“To deny people rights is a very challenge to humanity” – This was a quote by Nelson Mandela. In Amnesty international, you will have the chance to hit back at those who deny people their basic human rights. Gender-based discrimination, communal violence, and individuals at risk all come under this alley.

It’s time to step up and give people the basic rights they’ve lost. That’s not all, here you can help people gain the gift of education to the people who were denied of it and also help promote businesses for women in rural areas. If this strikes a chord with you there’s no better place for you to be other than with us at YLGC MUN which is being organized in an association with Amnesty International India.

Humankind has been, since its inception, challenged with problems of multiple dimensions and history has taught us solutions to the problems lie but in its roots, and the solutions arrived at have triggered a renaissance. In the recent times, when our kind has tamed nature to an extent never done before, brought communities closer than ever before, diversified to depths explored never before, soft power is the challenge humankind is posed with. Yet again, soft power is the tool that can stand a chance against such a challenge —- the word is Diplomacy.

At the Young Leaders’ Global Conclave, this tool of mass change, the key to the next renaissance, Diplomacy is explored and experimented to exhaustive extents by the future wielders of this time-defining tool – Students.

Students across geographies, across demographics, across identities, across ideologies, along with a patriotic vigor. This process is channelized by an MUN format under four different councils namely United Nations General Assembly Disarmament and Security Council, United Nations Security Council, United Nations Human Rights Council and Club of Rome, each discussing specific agendas of great relevance and importance to humankind. Participating students portray delegates of nations and personalities thus enabling a discourse.

Eminent speakers also grace the occasion by submitting their opinions, which stir further debates.

YLGC 2019 is hosted by Global Leaders’ Forum of PSG College of Technology in association with United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan on March 1-3, 2019.

Our primary objective is to focus on solving the greatest problems that the World faces today through constructive debate and deliberations by Students from all over the world. The Young Leaders Global Conclave will be a simulation of The United Nations with unique elements that would distinguish the Global Conclave from all other United Nations Simulations. We at the Global Conclave believe that there is no such thing as trying.

There is only the question of doing and not doing. And so the Young Leaders Global Conclave provides Students from all parts of the World an opportunity to do what they believe in.

For the third round of delegate application, click here.

For the International press Application, click here.


Phone: 7904677573

Explore more about YLGC MUN at this page.

Young leaders MUN PSG College Coimbatore

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