WWF-India’s Youth for Nature Conservation Programme (Y4NCP) [Online; 6 Weeks]: Register by Aug 20: Expired

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World Wide Fund for Nature- India (WWF-India) is rolling out an exciting and unique opportunity for the college students to participate in THE YOUTH FOR NATURE CONSERVATION PROGRAMME [Y4NCP] to become next-gen conservation leaders.

About Y4NCP

Y4NCP is a 6 week-virtual youth leadership training program for students pursuing any undergraduate programme. The program is shaped to extend:

  • A learning platform for students to delve into the world of conservation and learn about the efforts and challenges faced to protect vulnerable ecosystems and species in India,
  • Opportunity to acquire and develop necessary knowledge, skills, commitment, attitudes, and behaviour towards the protection of the environment and sustainability.

Participants will attend two-three days of workshop organised by WWF-India’s team, post which they will work as influencers and resource-mobilisers to support WWF India’s mission of building a planet where humans can live in harmony with nature.

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In addition to acquiring much-needed life skills, each participant has a chance to earn a letter of recommendation, certificate, and other exclusive rewards, based on their performance, therefore harbouring a healthy competitive environment. Moreover, some participants, depending on their performance, will also get a chance to work with WWF India.

Details of the Programme
  • Batch: 4th week of August 2021
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Mode: Online
  • Selection: Interview Based 
  • EDUCATE: You will explain to others how environmental issues can affect their lives, why they should care, and what they can do to help. Your role shall also include giving presentations, one to one chats with peer circle; attend public events to spread awareness to help people understand how their individual actions, behaviour and purchases have global environmental impact.
    • You will be encouraged to leverage your talents and interests to inspire and engage your peers through personal works of art, creative writing, performative arts, host mass awareness activities such as tree plantation, initiate society or park clean up drives, or any other activity that allows you to outreach to a mass crowd.
    • Minimise environmental impacts by incorporating sustainability into your lifestyle by becoming aware and raising awareness of the impact of one’s choices in food, products, and energy use,
  • LEAD: Your major role is to gather support for WWF India, and lead from the front in supporting various conservation projects and initiatives.
How to Register?

There is no registration charge/fee. Students can Register though this link.

Registration Deadline

August 20, 2021

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  • Gaurika (7985456079) 

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