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Workshop on Study and Analysis of Mathematical Models of Moving Boundary Problems @ IIT BHU [Aug 17]: Apply by July 25

By: Jasmeet | 19 Jul 2019 3:23 PM

Moving boundary problems (or Stefan Problems) involving diffusion processes have attracted numerous investigators just over a century since they have many practical applications in the fields of science, engineering, and technology.

The practical applications can be seen in heat transfer where phase transition occurs (melting, solidification, thawing ), moisture transport such as swelling of grain or polymers, sediment transport in fluvial depositional systems, oxygen diffusion problem, fluid flow in porous media, cryosurgery, tumor growth, etc. All these processes contain either a moving interface or moving reaction front which is unknown initially.

  • In the literature, the mathematical models related to moving boundary problems are discussed under some assumptions as usual. Therefore, there is still scope to modify the models related to moving boundary problems which are more near to the real physical processes.
  • Moreover, there are many important physical processes associated with moving boundary problems that have not been adequately studied and are not understood until now.
  • To have a deeper understanding of such complex physical mechanics of these important problems, detailed studies need to be performed to present a more realistic mathematical model of moving boundary problems and its solution.
  • To discuss some mathematical models of moving boundary problems having physical relevance.
  • To deliberate the scope of modifications in the mathematical models in view of real-world problems.
  • To discuss the various approximate/numerical solution to the problems.
  • To promote R&D in the areas of the moving boundary problems.
  • To promote the societal benefits of the study of moving boundary problems.
Who can Attend

Faculty members of colleges/University/Engineering colleges working in the departments of Applied or Pure Mathematics/Mechanical Engineering/other interested departments are eligible to attend the course.

How to Apply

The scanned copy of the filled-in the application form is to be mailed at by July 25, 2019.

Interested candidates can download the application form by clicking here.


Phone Number: +91 9451941396

Email ID:

For further details, click here.

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