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World Forum for Democracy [Nov 8-10, France]; No Application Fee: Applications Open

The 2017 World Forum for Democracy will focus on the role of political parties and media in the context of rising populism. A growing disconnect between citizens and political elites and dramatic changes in the media ecosystem are a challenge for democracy as we know it. New political and media actors and practices are emerging, offering opportunities for direct, unmediated engagement of the public, unbound by ethical or institutional safeguards.

How can pluralism, freedom of expression, and fair and evidence-based public debate be safeguarded in these new conditions? How to nourish political culture which embraces a long-term perspective and resists the excesses of populism?

The objective of the World Forum for Democracy 2017 is to review novel initiatives and approaches which can enhance democratic practices and help parties and media, but also other political actors, to re-connect to citizens, make informed choices and function optimally in 21st century democracy.

Open and free for anyone who wants to share ideas on how to make democracy stronger.

An annual event organised jointly by:

  • Council of Europe
  • European Parliament
  • French Authorities
  • Region Grand Est
  • City of Strasbourg

World forum for democracy key themes:

  • Innovation
  • Participation vs influence
  • Inclusive decision-making
  • Participatory democracy
  • E-democracy
  • Competences for democratic citizenship
  • Democracy literacy
  • Freedom vs control

Incubator for participatory democracy:

An alliance of democracy innovators, brought together by the Council of Europe at the World Forum for Democracy. Its purpose is to connect city governments in Europe and beyond with democracy innovators to replicate and scale up democratic innovations.

The incubator supports initiatives – digital and offline – that contribute to the redistribution of political power towards citizens, and that support the broadest possible citizen participation in the cities’ decision-making procedures. The incubator builds an open infrastructure to boost democracy for inclusive and innovative cities.

Children’s Forum:

Recognising the importance of educating children for democracy from the early ages, the Council of Europe offers to them a dedicated space, “Children’s Forum”, to allow them to express freely, to participate, to learn voting as the parliamentarians do, to cast their vote, to learn and ask questions about their rights, to innovate, in a context which allows their voice heard at European level.

For more details, please visit this link.    

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