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Sambhaavnaa Institute is organizing a five-day workshop on Secular Politics and the Idea of India: Issues and Challenges from April 24-28.

About the workshop:

The workshop will assist people with perspective-building, to understand contemporary politics in India, in all its complexities. In the process, the light will be shed on the need for dissent in a democracy, freedom of expression, and pluralism. The idea of justice as a perspective will also be discussed during the workshop.

Joining all these threads, an attempt would be made to understand and explore the ways in which we can resist being passive spectators to what is happening around us, by initiating the processes of deciphering the contexts of the present climate in our country, attempting to change the nature of political debates taking place currently, and working towards a gentler, more sensitive, tolerant, accommodating, understanding, and loving environment.

Through the mediums of interactive discussions and conversations, theatre, cinema, group activities, and writing, we shall engage with the themes of politics of identity, culture, communalism, pride, and how they are playing out on the sites of religion, caste, and gender on one hand, and on the sites of media, education, health, etc. on the other hand, in contemporary India; nationalism; and patriotism.


Bilingual – Hindi and English

Who is the workshop for?

Anyone who desires to constructively understand and engage with, some of the processes that attempt to explain the current political climate in India.


April 24-28, 2019.


Sambhaavnaa Institute, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.

Programs Costs:

Rs. 2500. This includes all program costs including, food and stay expenses at Sambhaavnaa Institute.

Need-based fee waivers are available. We have a limited number of scholarships, so, please apply for a fee waiver if you really need it.

Click here to apply.


Shashank: 8894227954 (Between 10 AM to 5 PM)


For further information, click here.

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