Workshop on Statistical and Optimization Learning @ Manipal [Jaipur, Jun 25-29]: Registrations Open

Statistical data analysis plays a very vital role in every field of teaching and research. When data size is sufficiently large, manual analysis becomes difficult and it consumes lot of money, time and resources.
However, a number of computer software’s available for handling the large data sets but demand of expert statisticians increasing day by day. Due to this fact, it becomes the largest growing field and therefore a lot of opportunities arises in medical, research, industrial sectors as a data analyst for those who are well-furnished with statistical software’s.
The main objective of the workshop is to make aware the researcher about statistical tools and techniques that are useful in research and academics by using statistical packages like SPSS, Minitab and R. This workshop will benefit researchers about effective use of these software’s. This will allow the participants to use various statistical tools in their respective fields of research. In addition, it will be helpful in improving the data analysis skills and better interpretation of results.
The workshop anticipates to cover the following topics using SPSS, Minitab and R. Review of basic Statistics and introduction, Introduction to SPSS & Minitab, Data Analysis Using SPSS & Minitab, Descriptive statistical analysis, Applications of hypothesis testing, Applications of non-parametric tests, ANOVA, MANOVA, Linear and Multiple Regression Models, Various Multivariate Techniques such as Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis. Essentials of R language, Graphics Using R, Bayesian Analysis Using R, Simulation and Modeling using R Introduction to Time series analysis, linear time series analysis. Small Area Estimation. Optimization techniques, Reliability Modeling and Analysis.
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