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Workshop on Special Matrices and Stochastic Games at Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology [Jan 6-15, Sikkim]: Registrations Open

By: daviddgl | 08 Nov 2019 4:35 PM

About the Workshop 

This workshop, WSMSG 2020, is in a continuation of the workshop on National Workshop on Matrix Analysis and Game Theory (MAGT 2018) held in MAHE, Manipal during December 10-21, 2018. This workshop will extend the topics of special matrices and Game theory discussed in MAGT 2018. Video lectures of MAGT 2018 are available through this link.

Several interesting matrices are involved in the class of special matrices which are used in solving many problems using linear complementarity problems. Such special matrices are introduced starting with Perron theorems following necessary tutorials. With quick review of basics of game theory by introducing Nash Equilibria and Shapely value, the basics of stochastic games will be introduced and discussed in detail, including zero sum and nonzero sum games. Topics such as complementary slackness and algorithms for some special classes of stochastic games will be discussed in detail.

The pool of resource persons includes TES Raghavan, University of Illinois, Chicago, Ravindra B Bapat and S K Neogy from Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi, T Parthasarathy, Chennai Mathematical Institute and so on.

About the Organizer

Centre for Advanced Research in Applied Mathematics & Statistics (CARAMS) has been established in September 2018 at MAHE with objectives of fostering advanced research and training in the area of Mathematics, Statistics and their applications. It facilitates to bridge the gap between Mathematicians/Statisticians and the Applied Mathematicians working in the area of Health, Technology, and Social Sciences.

Name Of Organiser

Dr. Anjan Raychaudhuri


Majitar, Sikkim

Registration Details

Register online in our portal using this link.

Payment of the registration fee should be done through SBI Collect under the category “WSMSG2020”.

Ph: +91 7502878908

Click here for the official website and here for the brochure.

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