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Workshop on Structural Biology and Functional Genomics at Loyola College, Chennai [Feb 10-14]: Register by Feb 5

About the workshop

Proteins are the targets for structure analysis as these are the main ‘doing’ molecules of the cell. Proteins are built from a DNA template and the string of amino acids thus synthesized fold into very complex loops, sheets and coils, but this structure dictates how the protein will interact with other structures around it in order to undertake its duties in the cell.
It is no longer sufficient to determine simply the structure and biochemical properties of a protein in vitro. In line with the trend towards systems biology, a major challenge now is understanding how that protein functions dynamically within a larger macromolecular assembly or in a cellular pathway or even at the organism level.
Functional genomics refers to intergenic regions of the genome that contribute to different biological processes. It focuses on the dynamic expression of gene products in a specific context. In functional genomics, we try to use our current knowledge of gene function to develop a model linking genotype to phenotype.
Through this workshop the participants would be able to learn the tools and techniques that best explain the structural and functional properties of molecules and broaden their understanding about the function and expression of molecules.

  • Databases and Database Management System
    Biological Databases and Networks
    Database Management Systems
    Data Mining in Bioinformatics
    Basics of Molecular Biology
    DNA structure, Protein Structure
  • Molecular Simulation
    Homology modeling
    Gene sequence Analysis
    Protein Sequence Analysis
    RNA Structural Analysis
    Simulating a small fragment of DNA
    Ligand Simulation
    Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Analysis
    Simulation of Protein – Protein Complex
    Sequence Visualization,
    structure visualization,
    Animation verses simulation
  • Cheminformatics
    Active site Prediction (Castp, Qsite finder)
    Ligand searching/designing (Chemsketch),
    Toxicity Prediction, Docking Analysis (Autodock)
    Phylogenetic analysis of macromolecules (Mega, phylip), Primer designing
  • Drug Designing
    Disease Identification and responsible macromolecule identification.
    Omics (Genomics, Transcriptomics, Metabolomics etc.)
    Elucidation of Gene Functions
    Protein Modeling and Simulation
Who can attend?

M. Sc, M. Phil and Ph. D Research Students from Life sciences and Teachers can apply.


Download application via this page and email the filled in form to drjohnmilton[at]gmail.com.

  • Students Rs 500/-
  • Research Scholars Rs 600/-
  • Teachers Rs 1000/-
Important dates
  • Applications should reach the convener on or before 5th February, 2020.
  • Selected candidates will be intimated on or before 7th February 2020.

Dr. M. C. John Milton
Ph : 044 – 28175662, 28178200 Ext 368
Mobile : 09840762382
Email : drjohnmilton[at]gmail.com

For more details, click here.

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