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ESG and CAG’s Workshop on State of Environmental Decision-Making in India [April 23-26, Bangalore]: Register by April 18

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Environmental Support Group               Citizen consumer and civic Action Group (CAG) 

State of Environmental Decision-Making in India

A Workshop for Practitioners

Organised by Environment Support Group, Bangalore 

&  Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group, Chennai

Bangalore, 23-26 April, 2017 


This workshop is designed to assist practitioners deepen their understanding of environmental justice in the context of growing challenges of the 21st Century.

The workshop will present a critical review of key environmental, social justice and forest protection laws and policies, and evolving environmental jurisprudence.

Participants will be invited to reflect on the ways in which people interact with the natural and the built environment, with particular attention to the social processes that promote and maintain ecological inequalities, generate sustainable or unsustainable patterns of resource use, and privilege particular types of knowledge about our relationship with the environment.

The resource persons will draw from their activism, research and academic experience to share some of their own challenges and strategies to understand and address environmental justice issues.

Participants will learn to assess political and communication strategies, technological innovations and ethical values as tools for achieving sustainable environments. 

The workshop is envisaged as a beginning of a shared learning journey, and as a means of strengthening existing solidarity networks or building new ones.

Objectives of the workshop are to provide participants an operational understanding of:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment of developmental, infrastructure and energy projects, its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  • Forest rights, securing rights of adivasis and other forest dwelling communities, conservation of bio-resources and protection of associated traditional knowledge, and ways to tackle bio-piracy.
  • Prevailing problems in conservation of forests, wildlife habitats, biodiversity, ecologically sensitive areas, wetlands, rivers, commons, etc.
  • Democratic decision making relating to land use planning (urban and rural) and land acquisition processes.
  • Securing environmental and social justice through innovative engagement with governance systems and a variety of litigative opportunities.
  • How to plan from the ground to build an economically viable, socially just, environmentally sensitive and ecologically sound and healthy society for the benefit of present and future generations.


Workshop Fee

Rs. 6,000 per participant payable in advance by Wire Transfer/DD/Cheque in favour of ‘Environment Support Group‘, payable at Bangalore.

The fee includes cost of simple shared boarding, food, course fee, and field travel costs.  We do not want the course fee to be a deterrent to your participation. So please talk to us if you need financial assistance.

All participants are required to cover their own travel costs.  Again, talk to us if you need travel support.


Participants will be accommodated in a government run training hostel close to the ESG Workshop Space.  Accommodation is comfortable, but not luxurious. Those in need of a hotel within walking distance of the workshop venue, will be assisted with choices. 

Workshop Venue

ESG Workshop Space, 1575, Intermediate Ring Road, Banashankari II Stage, Bangalore 560070 (abutting ESG office)

Important Dates

Registration deadlineTuesday, April 18th, 2017; 8 pm
Workshop datesSunday, April 23rd to Wednesday, April 26th, 2017
Arrival and DepartureAll Workshop participants must arrive by 7 am of 23rd April, and leave no sooner than 10 pm of 26th April.


Keeping in view the need for comprehensive participation in the workshop, we recommend a four night (five days) stay in Bangalore.  For those traveling long distances, we strongly recommend that you arrive by the night of 22nd April.


Registration will close at 8 pm on April 18th, 2017.

Please click this link and complete the form.

Please submit the form online and, also, email a signed and scanned copy to:


Harsh Vardhan Bhati is the workshop coordinator and can be reached for any issue relating to participation in the workshop.   Cell: +91-98713 79060 Email:

For all logistical support, such as hotel bookings, travel, board and food arrangements, etc., please contact ESG’s Logistics Manager Ms. Pushpalatha on +91-80-26713560~61 or +91-9880663608 or


Environment Support Group

[Environmental, Social Justice and Governance Initiatives]

1572, Ring Road, Banashankari II Stage;

Bangalore 560070. INDIA

Tel: +91-80-26713560-61 Fax: +91-80-26713316

Email:; Web:


Citizen consumer and civic Action Group (CAG)

246/ 277B TTK Road (JJ Road);

Alwarpet, Chennai 600 018 INDIA

Website: ;






23 April24 April25 April26 April
08:00 AM-09:00BreakfastBreakfastBreakfastDeparture: 06:00
09:00-10:30Overview of Environmental Decision-making processes in India


Satyarupa Shekhar and Leo Saldanha

Implications of Bio-piracy and Bio-prospecting on conservation of Bio-resources and protection of associated Traditional Knowledge


Leo Saldanha and Harsh Bhati

Contextualising Urban and Regional Planning in Environmental Decision Making: Role of Public and Local Governments in Environmental Decision-Making


Satyarupa Shekhar & Dr. Swetha Rao Dhanaka

10:30 – 11:00Coffee/Tea BreakCoffee/Tea BreakCoffee/Tea BreakVisit Challakere to converse with communities impacted by Country’s largest Military Industrial Nuclear Complex- “Science City”- on the occasion of Chernobyl Day!
11:00 – 13:00Key Principles of Environmental Jurisprudence, Interpretation and Implementation


Leo F. Saldanha and Harsh Bhati

Tackling Commodification, Diversion and Encroachment of Commons – Reclaiming Commons as a Strategy for Public Action


Nityanand Jayaraman

Conservation of Water and Wetlands and securing the Rights of Water grounded Communities in the context of push for commodifying water


Dr. Kshitij Urs

13:00 – 14:00LunchLunchLunch
14:00 – 16:00Thermal energy and Environmental concerns: Regulatory Laws, Economics and Governance


N. K. Kuttiappan and Vishnu Rao

Securing Forest Rights and protecting forests and wildlife: Issues, Challenges and Legal Complexities


Dr. Geetanjoy Sahu


Role of Financial Institutions in Environmental Management and Review of Key Regulatory Agencies and their Practices


Joe Athialy and Himanshu Upadhya

16:00 – 16:30Coffee/Tea BreakCoffee/Tea BreakCoffee/Tea Break
16:30 – 18:30Exploring Legal Avenues in attending to Environmental and Public Health concerns



Sunil Dutt Yadav

Appraisal of Energy, Environment and Development concerns in Environmental Decision Making


Dr. Manu Mathai

Promoting inclusive community participation in healing fragile ecosystems



Suprabha Seshan

18.30 – 19.00BreakBreakBreak
19:00 – 20:15Public Health and Environment


Dr. Shirdi Prasad Tekur

Citizen Science: Research to secure Environmental Justice

Dr. Swetha Rao Dhanaka

Land Use and Infrastructure Planning, and Land Diversion and Acquisition Processes


Joe Athialy and Leo F. Saldanha

20.15Summary of the Day and DinnerSummary of the Day and DinnerSummary of the Day and Dinner


Full details are here.


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