Workshop on Science of Intelligence at IIT Jodhpur [Jan 18-19]: Register by Dec 31: Expired

IIT Jodhpur to hold on an International Workshop on – “Science of Intelligence” on 18-19 Jan 2020. This workshop will provide a forum for a dialogue on these fundamental problems. It proposes to explore these questions with an approach that integrates cognitive science, which studies the mind; neuroscience, which studies the brain; and computer science and artificial intelligence, which studies the computations needed to develop intelligent machines.
It will target to create a research agenda which will be relevant for scientific pursuit in the typical socio-economic context of India. We are in the age of AI revolution. Computers today can perform many tasks which until recently, could only be done by people. A contemporary machine vision system could identify faces, even matching them to specific identities and many of the objects in the scene. However, unlike a human being, in most of the cases, it will fail to interpret and explain what is happening in an image.
We do not really know what understanding an image by a human brain means. We do not know how to engineer a system which can possess common sense, can flexibly adapt to new situations, and can deal effectively with uncertainty while planning like a normal human being.
To build the next-generation AI system we need to understand the algorithms used by the brain and the hardware needed to run these algorithms. The current focus on the engineering of intelligence must be complemented by scientific investigations of natural intelligence. We must address core questions about intelligence – its nature, how it is manifested in living systems and how it could be implemented in machines.

  • Interested one can register via this page.
  • Registration: ₹ 200
  • Accomodation: ₹ 500
  • Last date of Registration: 31 December 2019
Contact & Venue

Venue: NH 65, Surpura Bypass Rd, Karwar, Rajasthan

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