SERB Sponsored Online Workshop on Modelling of Multiphase Reactor Engineering by NIT Calicut [Oct 25-31]: Register by Oct 22: Expired

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The Workshop on Modelling of Multiphase Reactor Engineering: Fundamentals and Industrial Applications is organised by NIT Calicut from Oct 25-31, 2021.

About the Organiser

National Institute of Technology Calicut, formerly Regional Engineering College Calicut, is a public technical university and an institute of national importance governed by the NIT Act passed by the Parliament of India. The campus is situated 22 kilometres north east of Kozhikode, on the Kozhikode–Mukkam Road.

About the Workshop

Multiphase reactors are found in many diverse applications such as the manufacture of petroleum-based fuels, commodity and speciality chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and the production of polymers.

The understanding of complex fluid dynamic behaviours in the multiphase reactors has been studied through computational flow modelling.

Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning

This workshop provides state-of-the-art modelling methods for various multiphase reactors in terms of fundamental as well as applications such as petroleum, chemical, biological and thermal processes and mineral processing.


  • Identify the different types of multiphase reactors involving gas-liquid and gas-liquid-solid flows such as bubble column reactor, loop reactor, stirred reactor, packed bed reactor, fluidised bed reactor and their operating parameters and various industrial applications.
  • Understand fundamentals of multiphase reactors in terms of fluid dynamics, flow regimes, mixing, and mass transfer;
  • Have a knowledge about advanced modelling methods of multiphase reactor including Eulerian-Eulerian approach, Eulerian Lagragian approach, and Volume of Fluid approach;
  • Design and scale-up aspects of multiphase reactor for industrial applications such as petroleum refinery-FCC, chemical process, biological process, mineral processing, thermal process of pyrolysis, combustion and gasification through CFD modelling;

Technical Content

  • Various multiphase reactors: fundamentals – fluid dynamics, flow regimes, mixing, and mass transfer.
  • Multiphase modelling approaches: Eulerian-Eulerian, Eulerain-Lagrangian, Volume of Fluid method.
  • Turbulent flow modelling in various reactors, specifically in reactive flows.
  • Multiphase reactor modelling of post combustion CO2 capture and storage.
  • Multiphase reactor modelling of thermochemical conversion of biomass.
  • Multiphase flow modelling of circulating fluidised bed riser.
  • Multi-phase Engineering – Selection and design of continuous industrial-scale reactor.
  • Multiscale modelling and simulations of multiphase flows: Applications to packed bed reactors.
  • Modelling of trickle bed reactor and application to hydrotreating process.
  • Modelling of modular multiphase flow reactors.
  • Hydrodynamics of multiphase microreactors.
  • Modelling of microwave heated multiphase reactors.
  • Hydrodynamics and reactive flow modelling of gasification and combustion processes.
  • CFD modelling of heat transfer equipment’s including phase change heat exchanger.
  • Particle motion in a rotary kiln using discrete element method.
  • Flow modelling of industrial-scale boiler system.


PhD and Post-graduate students who are working in the area of multiphase flow are eligible to apply. For 20 selected participants, the registration fee will be waived by the host institute through SERB support. Interested faculties and industry persons are also eligible to apply.

Workshop Fee

The workshop fee (non-refundable) for students, faculty and industry participants:

ParticipantsStudents* (PG & PhD)Faculty, Scientist and Industry person
Indian (in INR)590 (= 500 + 18%GST)1180 (= 1000 + 18%GST)

*For 20 selected Indian student participants, the registration fee will be waived by the host institute through the DST/SERB support.

Mode of Payment (Online Only)

Bank Name: State Bank of India
Branch Name: NITC Branch
A/C Name: Director, NIT Calicut

A/C Number: 37618269594
IFSC Code : SBIN0002207
MICR No. : 673002012

How to Register?

Important Dates

  • Start of Online Registration: 20 September 2021
  • Last Date for Registration: 22 October 2021


Dr Panneerselvam Ranganathan, Sustainable Reaction Engineering Lab,
Department of Chemical Engineering, NIT Calicut
Email: pranganathan@nitc.ac.in
Phone: +91-495-228-5469

Click here to view the official notification for the Workshop on Modelling of Multiphase Reactor Engineering by NIT Calicut.

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