Workshop on Nonlinear Oscillations, Waves & Advanced Asymptotic Methods at IIT Gandhinagar [Nov 11-13]: Registrations Open


The workshop aims at introducing some of the concepts of nonlinear oscillation/vibration theory in the context of weakly and strongly nonlinear single and multi-degree of freedom dynamical systems and begins with a basic introduction to the nuances of nonlinear vibration theory and some of the well-known analytical methods in qualitatively and quantitatively describing their dynamics.

Further, it intends to introduce the canonical perturbation theory and action-angle variables for Hamiltonian systems and their applicability in the analysis of this class of dynamical systems. The final part of the workshop discusses some interesting aspects of wave propagation phenomena in nonlinear lattices like Hertzian granular chains, binary collision models and would provide a flavor of some interesting analytical methodologies and recent results.

Some of the topics discussed in this workshop are not part of the academic curriculum and are extremely useful tools in this domain of research and academic studies. The workshop aims at giving a flavor of some of these ideas.

Course Content
  • Basics of nonlinear oscillations and introduction to perturbation methods (quasilinear systems)
  • General properties of Hamiltonian systems, Action Angle variables, canonical perturbation theory.
  • Localization in nonlinear systems and Nonlinear Normal Modes (NNMs).
  • Nonstationary dynamics, transient processes, beating phenomena, Limiting Phase Trajectories (LPTs).
  • Stability of periodic solutions and Floquet theory.
  • Non-smooth systems, NNMs, localization, nonstationary responses, stability (saltation matrix).
  • Dynamics of nonlinear lattices (Hertzian chains), solitary waves.
How to Apply?

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Email ID: arunav.choudhury@iitgn.ac.in

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