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Workshop on Language for Literacy at TISS, Mumbai [Mar 2-6]: Register by Dec 15

By: Mrinaal | 12 Dec 2019 8:19 PM

The Humanities and Social Sciences Group at the Centre for Education, Innovation and Action Research (CEIAR) invites participation from student-teachers of B.Ed. programs for a 5-day workshop on ‘Language for Literacy: Teaching English in India Today’.

Themes and Concepts

This workshop re-envisions English language teaching in India today and will introduce participants to contemporary practices in language learning. Drawing on inter/national research on literacy and language education, the workshop will have discussions and hands-on sessions on a range of topics related to the teaching and learning of (English) language in the Indian classroom. The topics covered will include

  • Perspectives on Literacy: The New Literacy Studies – that discuss the key developments in literacy studies in recent years, which include discourse-based teaching in language education.
  • Language, Culture and Identity – where we look at the ways in which language connects to culture and identity formation, its relationship to power and the ideological underpinnings of the (English) language classroom.
  • Communicative (English) Language Teaching – that looks at communication and teaching communicative English in the light of new literacy studies, and the ideological and the discursive underpinnings of language as a medium of communication.
  • Language through Literature and the Teaching of Literature (Prose, Poetry and Drama) – where we look at the role of literature in the language classroom. Why do we teach literary texts in a language classroom? How do literary works enable critical literacy practices? These questions will be addressed through the exploration of close and deep reading techniques as meaning making exercises.
  • Assessment and Evaluation in the Language Arts – the last session will emphasise the importance of assessments and evaluation as a learning tool and the need to nuance assessments to suit the requirements of new literacy studies in the language classroom.
Who can Register

The workshop is currently open to student-teachers of B.Ed. programs.

How to Register

To register, click here.

Registration Fee

Rs. 1000

Registration Deadline

December 15, 2019



For more information, click here.

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