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Workshop On Energy and Environment @ NIT Srinagar [Sept 18-22]: Register by Sept 10


The environment has a profound effect on all the living creatures. Continuous pollution of air, water, and land endanger our health. Countless species of animals and plants have been wiped out from the earth due to changing climate. Greenhouse gases released around the globe affect the climate as well as our health.
Rising sea levels and changing storm patterns is now a serious problem. The workshop focuses on the above-highlighted issues. Some of the major factors affecting the environment and the solutions available for mitigation of the same with modern technologies will be discussed.


The objective of this workshop is to impart knowledge about emerging technologies in the field of energy and environment. The workshop calls upon all of the inhabitants on the planet to reconnect to nature and appreciate how much we depend on it. We need to strike a balance between progress, development, innovation with nature.

Workshop Highlights

The Workshop shall be held from 18th -22nd September 2019 at the campus of NIT Srinagar. The workshop will involve the brainstorming sessions involving think tanks from IITs, NITs and other reputed organizations to provide an insight into technologies to be adopted to maintain the parity between the development and environment.


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Phone Number: 7006899026
Email ID: tanveer@nitsri.ac.in

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