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Workshop on Crony Capitalism and Democracy @ Sambhaavna Institute, Himachal Pradesh [Sep 25-27]: Registrations Open

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About the Workshop

Beyond well-known scandals (such as the Coal Gate) or emblematic individual(s), it is important to take a closer look at this global dynamic and understand it as a labyrinth of processes working within a system, looking at all its complexities.

This workshop aims at introducing the concept of ‘Crony Capitalism’, underlining its relevance in the Indian context and allowing participants to familiarize themselves with its different – and complementary – aspects. To do so, several modules have been developed.

The first module introduces the basics and lays down the foundations of the topic: definition of words and concepts, historical perspective (with a focus on post-independence), “favourite” sectors where crony capitalism flourishes (extractivism), theoretical evolutions (from government to governance).

The second module looks at the actors involved and at their relationships: sociology of the political class, constitution of industrialist or business dynasties, role of the Media, public “vehicles” set up to ensure coordination between corporates, politicians and civil servants, etc.

The third module focuses on “forms and consequences”: mechanisms favoring privatization of resources or biased allocation of public contracts (PPPs, tax break and all the “ease of doing business” tools), lobbying tactics, financing of political parties and election campaigns.

The fourth module explores both alternatives to crony capitalism and tools or assets available for civic mobilization.

Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning

Finally, the fifth module zooms out to explore some international dimensions of crony capitalism and current campaigns by civil society organizations and movements to ensure corporate regulation and a just international system.

Resource Persons
  • Madhuresh Kumar, National Alliance of People’s Movements
  • Joe Athialy, Centre for Financial Accountability
  • Vijayan MJ,  Programme for Social Action

(A couple of more names will be added soon.)

Who is the workshop for?   

Students and youths with an interest in understanding how some ‘corporations’ rule our world, and young researchers, lawyers, development professionals and activists of contemporary social and environmental justice movements.

Language: A mix of English and Hindi

How to apply

Click here to apply online.

Program Contribution

We hope that participants would contribute an amount of Rs. 3500 for 5 days towards workshop expenses, inclusive of all onsite workshop costs: boarding, lodging, and all the materials used in the workshop. Need-based partial waivers are available; we have a very limited number of partial waivers, so, please apply for a waiver only if you really need it. Please do remember that there may be others who need it more than you.


25th to 29th September, 2019, Sambhaavnaa Institute, VPO – Kandbari, Tehsil – Palampur, District – Kangra, PIN 176061, Himachal Pradesh


For more information please Whatsapp or call Shashank – 889 422 7954 or email: programs@sambhaavnaa.org

For full details, visit the official website by clicking here. 



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