Wild Wisdom Quiz 2020

Wild Wisdom Quiz 2020 by WWF in Association with CBSE [For Class 3-8 Students]: Registrations Open

Wild Wisdom Quiz in its 12-year journey has travelled a long way and is India’s only international quiz with enthusiastic participation from Southeast Asian, South American countries as well as from the United Kingdom.

Re-Imagine Our Planet

From the frozen ice caps of the poles to the deep mysterious blue oceans, from the hostile deserts to the dense forests, our planet is home to remarkable natural places and diverse wildlife. Though far-flung, these regions are interconnected with one another and vital for our existence and future.

In this super year of 2020, WWQ invites you all to dig deeper into the hidden spectacles of nature with the theme “Re-imagining Our Planet”.

How can our planet be saved from the challenges it faces?

What solutions can help us re-imagine a future in which wildlife and nature thrives in harmony with humans?

Today, we are living through a tipping point in nature, where the entire natural world is feeling the impact of human activities. To restore balance and save our planet from further harm, it is important to find solutions and innovations that inspire positive action and smarter conducts in our society. It’s time that we learn to live in harmony with nature and save the only home we have – Our Planet.

In Wild Wisdom 2020, you will learn about, and be quizzed on, the fascinating biomes and their features such as:

  • Lesser known plants and animals
  • Interdependence in biomes
  • Adaptations in species
  • Unique Ecological Behaviours and adaptations
  • Innovative solutions/technology for conservation
  • Conservationists around the world who are leading a change

Join the Wild Wisdom network to ‘Re-imagine Our Planet’ for the most unprecedented experience of your lifetime!

All registered students will get a participation certificate accredited by CBSE and signed by Sir David Attenborough. Also, a chance to win cool collectibles.

Who can register?

Students of Primary School (Class 3 – Class 5) & Middle School (Class 6 – Class 8) can register for Wild Wisdom Quiz 2020.

How to register for the Wild Wisdom Quiz 2020

Click here to register online.

Registration fee for Wild Wisdom Quiz is INR 50/-. However, students can pay additional INR 50/ -to purchase the quiz packs.

Last date of registration is 5th August, 2020.

Preparatory Material

A list of books/ suggested readings that you can refer to are given here.

You can also purchase a copy of our Wild Wisdom Quiz Book Vol I and Vol II online by clicking here.

Apart from books, every registered student will get FREE access to Wisdom Nuggets e-newsletter every fortnightly on One Planet Academy. Wisdom Nuggets is a collated series of newsletters, to help students to prepare for the quiz. The newsletter inculcated a deeper understanding and better learning outcomes among students about conservation.

Participants can also watch Our Planet series streaming on Netflix. It is an award winning series, narrated by Sir David Attenborough. It talks about different biomes and tells a story of the most incredible species living in spectacular natural places. Also, highlights the most pressing challenges our planet faces today.

Also, preparatory quizzes are uploaded on participant’s dashboard to practice well. Sets of 30 questions each are available online for preparing and practising.

Quiz Format

Wild Wisdom Quiz 2020 comprises of two levels – Prelims and the Finale.

The Preliminary round will be held on 9th August, 2020.

The Finale is on 16th August, 2020.

Finale will have will consist of 50 questions, which will have a time limit of 20 minutes.


The contact details are given region-wise on this page.

Click the link below for the official website.

Wild Wisdom Quiz 2020


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  1. Thankyou soooo much to tell the quiz format.??. But can you tell me when is the exam?

    1. Angelina Debbarma says:

      hello the quiz is on august 9, 2020.

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