Wild Wisdom Quiz 2019 for School Students by WWF: Registrations Open

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Wild Wisdom quiz 2019Since 2008, the Wild Wisdom Quiz has been bringing children closer to Nature, through the amazing stories and wisdom of the wild. The Quiz has sparked a passion for nature protection in many young minds; some even going on to become young conservationists and running their own campaigns in their schools and cities/ towns.
And now, Wild Wisdom has gone global! YOU could be the next Wild Wisdom Quiz Champion and make your parents and school proud – and even do great things for your country!


Exciting prizes! 
The winners of Wild Wisdom 2019 get to go on a fabulous, exclusive trip with WWF wildlife experts to a National Park/ Nature Reserve in India, with trophies, medals and prizes for top performers at each level of the quiz! Every participant gets a certificate and free access to 6 Wild Wisdom Nugget e-newsletters filled with exciting quizzes.
Develop skills for the future!
You will learn to research new topics, communicate well, solve problems and how to do well in a team!
Learn without studying! 
Become the coolest conservationist around and use your knowledge to protect the environment.
Use what you learn! 
Your wild wisdom will impress everyone you meet – especially when you put it to use to protect the environment!

Who can participate?

Primary School Level: Class 3-5
Middle School Level: Class 6-8
Senior School Level: Class 9-12

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How to register

Schools have to register their students for this competition on this page.
Decide your package Depending on how many students from your school would like to register, you can choose one of the following packages:
1. 30-99 students

  • Fee Rs. 100/- per student
  • No reimbursement

2. 100-199 students

  • Fee: Rs. 100/- per student
  • School retains Rs. 500/- as overhead charges for conducting the quiz
  • Complimentary school access to WWF-India’s One Planet Academy

3. 200 and above

  • Per student: Rs. 50/-
  • School retains Rs. 1000/- for overhead charges for conducting the quiz
  • Complimentary school access to WWF-India’s One Planet Academy
Conducting the quiz

1. School Level Quiz:  WWF-India will share the soft copy of the School Level Quiz question paper and answer key with the school once the registration and payment has been received and confirmed. The school is responsible for printing and conducting the quiz. Two highest scoring participants from Primary and Middle each will progress to the State Level.
2. State Level Quiz: The teams will represent their school at the State Level Quiz, to be held in the month of October 2019. Primary level culminates here.
3. National Level: Winning team of middle levels across India will compete with each other at the National level at Delhi on 19th November, 2019. The winning team progresses to the International finale.
4. International Finale:  Winners of the middle state level quiz progress to the international level quiz to be held on 20th November, 2019 in New Delhi.
1. Online Phase 1: All registered students take part in phase 1 of the online quiz to be held on 11th October, 2019.
2. Online Phase 2: Students who qualify phase 1 attempt phase 2 of the online quiz to be held on 14th October, 2019.
3. Online Phase 3 (Finale): Students attempt the finale of the online quiz on 15th October, 2019. 7 top performers are awarded.


For any queries, contact the local coordinator. The list of cities and the local coordinators’ numbers are given here.

For the official website, click here. 


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