Wild Wisdom Online Quiz Contest @ WWF India & Mo Environment & Forest [For Senior School Students]: Apply by Oct 20: Expired

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About the Quiz

The WWF-India Wild Wisdom Quiz that started in 2008 as a modest initiative in just one city, today reaches out to 51853 students in 800 schools in 260 cities and 14 states in two countries.

The quiz works to support and align with targets set at Aichi between the Secretariat of the Convention for Biodiversity (CBD) and WWF-International. Thematic in nature, the Wild Wisdom Quiz promotes people’s understanding of the value of biodiversity and enables acceptance of the steps necessary for its sustainable use (CBD Aichi Target 1).

The Quiz is an ideal platform to reach out to young minds, and embed the seeds of environment conservation through a fun-filled and interactive learning experience. It’s outreach format has the ability to cross national borders to create popular awareness of the wonders and values of biodiversity and the steps to be taken for its conservation and sustainable use.

Targeting children in their formative years, from primary, through middle school and going all the way up to high school, Wild Wisdom today has the potential to be widely-used as a broad-spectrum antidote to treat our ailing planet. Moreover, since it targets the change makers of tomorrow, it has the potential to influence policy changes for the future which is CBD Aichi Target 2.


Nature has always inspired us to make new tools, machines and medicines. From the multi-billion dollar chicken farming business or the development of the airplanes and the aviation industry, to something as small as the invention of Velcro – nature is the source of inspiration and holds all the answers.

So how do we value all the priceless benefits we get from Nature? We must do this by using our planet’s resources wisely and sustainably – it’s the only home we have!

Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning

To raise awareness about the value of nature and its conservation, WWF-India presents the theme for the Wild Wisdom Quiz 2018 – “THE PRICE OF OUR PLANET?”

This theme will highlight the significance of our irreplaceable and natural resources – forests and wildlife, oceans and rivers, plants and animals and our never-ending use of these resources. Through the quiz, each student will learn about

  • ODD ONE IN- How all living things that make up nature’s web are so wonderful and varied, yet similar in their need to survive;
  • UNLIKE FRIENDS- The wonderful adaptations of so many plants and animals, some of which cannot live or thrive without the other;
  • LOST & FOUND New discoveries and extinction;
  • WHO TAUGHT US THAT? – The many things in our lives today that are nature-inspired – from art and culture to science and technology;
  • WHERE ARE WE GOING ? Best practices and the use of sustainable innovation. How your choice will impact plants and animals that live both near and far, perhaps even on a different continent;

The quiz is open for all senior school students of standards 9 – 12.

How to Register 

Participants can enter the competition as individuals or schools can register participants after registering as institutions. Please click here for student registration and here for institution registration.

Entry Fee

Rs. 100 per participant


October 20, 2018

Date of the Quiz

Phase I- 2nd November, 2018
Phase II- 5th November, 2018
Phase III- 12th November, 2018


Address: WWF-India, 172-B
Lodhi Estate, New Delhi-110003

Phone Number: +91 11 41504790,
+ 91 9717073958

Email ID: wildwisdom@wwfindia.net

To visit the official website click here.

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