Call for Papers: Workshop on Reinventing Welfare Politics @ Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady, Kerala [March 23-25, 2018]: Registrations Open

welfare politics workshop
About the workshop
The Department of Philosophy, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady, Kerala, South India, is organising a three-day workshop on Reinventing Welfare Politics: Sources and Functional Modes during 23-25 March 2018.
The workshop is to explore various possibilities of re-conceiving the idea of doing
politics. It proposes to understand people’s own engagements for advancing
individual and social freedom, justice, well-being, happiness, etc. as welfare politics.
In the process of the workshop institutionalized notions of political engagement that
go invariably in terms of understanding state power as the sole agency or sovereign
authority for the delivery of welfare may be challenged.
A broad outline of the workshop is given here.
Call for Papers
Scholars and practitioners are invited to participate in the workshop as paper contributors/discussion initiators/observers. Participants are requested to register by providing a well-focused brief note on any of issues, which fall within the scope of this workshop.
Following may be some of the broad aspects that are to be taken up for
discussion in relation to the basic question on the possibility of reinventing welfare

  • Different source and engagements welfare politics available across the world.
  • Different way of understanding welfare practices in the history of humanity.
  • Possibility of differentiating welfare politics from the politics of welfare state.
  • Different ideologies of welfare and their scope for welfare politics.
  • Justifications and challenges of welfare politics
  • State-centric power politics Vs welfare politics.
  • Welfare state and welfare politics.
  • Supra-state forces and the burden of welfare politics.
  • Arguments against welfare politics.
  • Grants-in- aid and welfare politics.
  • Subtle locations of the state and contestations of it.
  • Encountering the state: Thoughts and practical engagements.
  • Political dimensions of knowledge and cultural practices.
  • Religious and spiritual sources of welfare politics.
  • Eastern and western sources/expressions of welfare politics.
  • Welfare as a Non-economic category.
  • Casteism and welfare politics.
  • Democracy/Socialism and welfare politics.
  • Development and welfare politics.
  • Interventions of Civil society movements.
  • The idea of stateless society

Those who are interested in participating may contact
Co-ordinator, Phone: 91+9447 262 817, Email:

For details, please view the website link given here and the invite given here.

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