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Webinar on Workplace Wellness Present and Post Covid Scenario by NPC [Sep 3, 3 PM]: Registrations Open

About the Webinar

With offices closed and social distancing still in effect, COVID-19 has changed the way companies across the World function. It isn’t just the way we work that has been impacted by the change. Business owners and HR Specialists alike are wondering which benefits will matter in a post-COVID-19 world, with workplace-based Health and wellness programs at the forefront of change.

Before the pandemic, it was no surprise that wellness Programs were a valuable addition to company life. But now things have changed. With more and more Employees worried about COVID-19 and working from home, employers have focused on helping Them to cope with stress and promoting mental well-being. Many of these new approaches to physical and mental health are likely to become the norm post-pandemic.

Date: 3 Sept 2020

Time: 3 Pm to 4:30 Pm

Webinar Coverage

In this webinar speaker will talk about various strategies to be adopted for workplace wellness in present & post covid scenario.


Mr. Vijaykumar leads Technical Services Team at Conserve Consultants, with 20+ years of experience in HVAC operation, Energy, Green Buildings, and Engineering Design. He is also an ECBC Expert Master Trainer by BEE, Lead Auditor for ISO – 50001 Energy Management Systems, LEED & IGBC AP, and GRIHA CP. His insights in building management and HVAC operation enables to optimize and enhance building performance.

  • Interested candidates can register via this page.
  • Registration fee: Rs. 300

Mr. Jitendra Srivastava, Assistant Director (Energy Management),
Email: jk.srivastava[at]
Mob: 011-24607351

Webinar on Workplace Wellness Present and Post Covid Scenario by NPC.


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