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Webinar on Wisdom in Electrical Energy Savings by NPC [Sep 6, 3 PM]: Registrations Open

Webinar on Wisdom in Electrical Energy Savings by NPC [Sep 6, 3 PM]: Registrations Open

NPC Webinar Electrical Saving
NPC Webinar Electrical Saving
About the Webinar

Cost reduction through energy audit is one of the Proven methods adopted by practicing energy Auditors. The energy and cost savings opportunities depend on type of systems covered under the auditor’s purview. Identifying electricity savings and cost reduction opportunities needs clear understanding of the improvement limitations of electrical equipment’s and Utilities.

Electrical equipments are designed with higher efficiency levels and also the efficiency variation under operating loads also marginal. Considering these aspects, it is a great challenge for auditors to adopt suitable and economically viable ENCON options.

The webinar will focus on efficiency improvement aspects in Generation, distribution and end-use equipments with case studies. The technical presentation will be followed by question and answer session.

Date: 6 Sept 2020

Time: 3 Pm to 4:15 Pm

What to learn?
  • Opportunity for cost reduction is electrical network
  • Efficiency variations with respect to load and capacity
  • Efficient Capacity control options in various utilities
  • Economics of fuel substitution
  • Specific energy variations in melting furnaces

Mr. T. Sankara Narayanan (AEA), has more than three decades of experience in Training and Consultancy in Energy Management. He has rich experiences working with various sectors such as Automobile, Steel, cement, TPS, Cogeneration plants, Bio mass Power Plants, Gas turbine CPP, Mines, Water works, Malls, Hotels, Railways, Ports, Textile and MSME sectors. He is one of the authors for the Guide Books on Energy Efficiency for the National Certification Examination for Energy Managers and Energy Auditors.

  • Interested candidates can register via this page.
  • Registration fee: Rs. 433

Webinar on Wisdom in Electrical Energy Savings by NPC.


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