Webinar on Techniques to Acquire Adaptability Skills by NPC [Sep 22, 3 PM]: Registrations Open

About the Webinar

With the ever-changing environment in an around us, the key factor to remain productive is how well one adapts to the changing environment. Mastering adaptability equips one to grow and change in the workplace. This includes how one is able to handle criticism, solve problems and work in teams.

As the workplace can be unpredictable, skills that show your adaptability and ability to work with any workplace changes is typically highly sought after by employers when they are hiring a new employee for a role.

Key learnings
  • Why are Adaptive Skills a differentiator between a failure and successful person?
  • Conceptual understanding of Adaptive Skills
  • Techniques to Enhance your Adaptive Skills
  • Sources to know, Learn & hone your Adaptive

Dr Namita Gupta (HR, Research & Wellness Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer).  Dr Gupta holds a PhD in Competency Mapping, MBA (HR &Marketing); Diploma in Training and Development, Certification in Psychometric Assessment. Credited with a number of presentations and publications including Scopus, SSCI and ABDC sources. She has over 21 years of Experience in consulting, coaching, and training. Empanelled for MDP/Training at the board of various Corporates and Academic bodies.

  • Interested candidates can register online via this page.
  • Registration fee: Rs. 354/-

Subhra Seal, Assistant Director
Phone 0361-3512552
Email: guwahati[at]npcindia.gov.in, subhra.seal[at]npcindia.gov.in

Webinar on Techniques to Acquire Adaptability Skills by NPC.


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