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Webinar on Stress Management in Modern Times by NPC [Nov 30, 11 Am]: Registrations Open

About the Webinar

Stress is omnipresent. Every human being, irrespective of age or socio-professional status gets subjected to some kind of stress of varying degrees at sometime or the other. Modern day stress is generally a self-inflicted dystrophy arising out of many professional and personal demands, which may lead to many serious physical and mental disorders.

But there are ways and means to control and mitigate stress. The webinar aims to analyze the stressors and how to eliminate those from the modern day life and remain happy. It is expected to be useful to the professionals of various fields and the general people alike.

Date: 30 Nov 2020

Time: 11 Am

Key learning
  • Understanding of various types of stressors and their nature including modern-day stress-causing elements.
  • Factors leading to self-inflicted avoidable stress and its control and mitigation.
  • Application Spiritual Quotient and spiritual ways to remain stress-free and happy

Mr Parag Phukan is a highly experienced former top corporate executive and presently an empanelled Principal Advisor & Consultant with the National Productivity Council. He is also a corporate Trainer, management consultant, freelance writer and a Director of Guwahati Management Association.

  • Interested candidates can register online via this page.
  • Registration fee: Rs. 472/-

Phone: 0361-3512552 / 8486017697
Email: guwahati[at]

Webinar on Stress Management in Modern Times.


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