Webinar on Smart Green Factories & Industry 4.0 by NPC [Oct 27, 11 AM]: Registrations Open

Webinar on Smart Green Factories & Industry 4.0 by NPC [Oct 27, 11 AM]: Registrations Open

NPC Webinar Smart Green Factories
NPC Webinar Smart Green Factories
About the Webinar

National Productivity Council (NPC) India, has scheduled a webinar on theme “Smart Green Factories & Industry 4.0”. It is seventh joint webinar where experts through National Productivity Organisations (NPOs) Taiwan and Indian experts, are to speak together in their field of expertise to promote Green Productivity (GP) in India and abroad.

Date: 27th October 2020 (Tuesday)

Time: 11:00 hrs- 12:40 hrs (Indian Time)


Collaborative robot/ 3D bin picking/ palletizing: The robot is from Taiwan and is one of the best equipment which assist manufacturer, expedite the process of automation, especially on flexibility and mobility. The robot can have small module, medium to large module and DC type module, which can be used for mobile robot integration and that is great advantage to do vision coordination and compensation and save the time and cost on vision integration.

The demand increased from 3D bin picking with budget consideration, end customer requests more solutions in multiple occasions and provisions are there which includes two ways to go as eye-in-hand and eye-to-hand 3D camera. Furthermore, more and more manufacturers have space limits issue and request robotic arm to do packaging and palletizing job, now palletizing solution is one of best choice to present simulation software and quickly implement with safety certificate ISO 10218- The presentations cover followings

  • The benefit of Intelligent robot to India market.
    Industry 4.0
    Machine vision Robotic arm implement
    how to use 3D camera to bin pick objective property in eye-in-hand and eyeto-hand way.
    Robotic arm implement
    Palletizing application
    de-palletizing application.
  • Industry 4.0 from talk to action
    Industry 4.0, its technologies, policy measures, enablers
    What is Industry 4.0 (I.4.0)?
    I4.0 –The Need of Hour
    Smart machine concepts
    Overview of I4.0 technology drivers (Robotics, system integration, cloud computing, IIoT)
    Industry 4.0 implementation factors in manufacturing,
    Case examples
    Implementation of cloud computing in manufacturing (Quality management cloud,Productivity Cloud, Maintenance Cloud, Audit cloud and Kaizen Cloud)
    Industry 4.0 and Lean manufacturing
    Industry 4.0 implementation challenges

International Taiwanese expert speaker, supported by Indian expert speakers

  • Mr. Adam Tseng, Title: Asia sales Director, Techman RobotTaiwan
  • Mr. Owen Wu, Title: Asia salesSupervisor, Techman Robot,Taiwan
  • Mr. Sanjiv NarulaHarish, PhD Scholar Industry 4.0, BML Munjal University, India
Key learnings
  • Industry 4.0
  • Machine vision/ Automated logistics
  • 3D Camera
  • 3D bin picking
  • Palletizing
  • Industry 4.0 and its technologies
  • Industry 4..0 implementation factors and integration with lean
  • Smart factory concepts
  • Examples of I4.0 implementation
  • Challenges in the digital transformation
  • Proposals
  • Interested candidates can register via this page.
  • Registration fee: Rs. 300

Webinar on Smart Green Factories & Industry 4.0 by NPC.




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