eBaithak with Bhuvana Anand: Vouchers and Cash Transfer to Tide Over #COVID19 [April 26, Zoom]: Free Event; Registrations Open

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The Centre for Civil Society (CCS) is an Indian public policy think tank that promotes social change through public policy. Our work in education, livelihoods, governance and policy-training furthers choice and accountability across public and private sectors. To translate policy into practise, we engage with policy and opinion leaders through research, pilot projects and advocacy.

About the eBaithak

Centre for Civil Society is pleased to announce its second eBaithak. eBaithak is the online version of CCS’s flagship ‘Baithak: Conversations in Policy’ sessions aimed towards serving as a platform for CCS alumni, young students and professionals to engage in themes and discussions around public policy. eBaithaks are essentially free-flowing discussions on a specific topic. eBaithaks follow an open group discussion format where the speaker is also the moderator of the debate and the principal guide for all the participants.

eBaithak takes place on a virtual platform, (currently Zoom) and are interactive, interpersonal and liberal spaces of discussion and deliberation.

In this eBaithak with Bhuvana Anand, Director, Research, CCS, we will explore the question How vouchers and cash transfers can help us tide over the Covid-19 pandemic? The COVID-19 Pandemic has triggered a large exodus of daily wage migrant workers from big cities to their native villages, sometimes walking as long as 800 kms. These workers who live on a hand to mouth existence are part of the informal sector mostly and as industries remain shut due to the lockdown, they face a shortage of food as well as cash.

For the lockdown to be successful, it becomes inevitable to address this problem. Do direct cash transfers/vouchers work? How to ensure that it reaches the needy and what are the modalities of such a system? In this eBaithak, we’ll find out why direct cash transfers and vouchers are an effective solution for the crisis.

This webinar discusses the subject “How Can Vouchers & Cash Transfers Help Us Tide Over The Covid-19 Pandemic?“.

Program Date and Time: Sunday, April 26th, 5:30 PM- 7:00 PM IST onwards.

About the Speaker

Bhuvana Anand is Director, Research at Centre for Civil Society. Bhuvana’s subjects of interest are better regulation and governance, public finance management, and political economy. In India, she has worked extensively on welfare programmes across the country, including reforms of the Public Distribution System and implementation of various Direct Benefits Transfers.

At the Centre, she works on unpacking how the government actually functions using administrative data, legislative analysis, field research, and machine learning. In addition, her team develops blueprints for programme design and policy implementation.

Bhuvana has worked with various donors and civil society organisations in Sudan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, India and the United States, in policy advocacy, managing multi-pronged programs and research. She previously worked with the United Nations, the British Government’s Department for International Development, and most recently at MIT’s Poverty Action Lab.

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E-mail: rajashi@ccs.in

webinar on vouchers and cash transfer during COVID19



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