Webinar on Sustainability through Green Lean (GLEAN) by NPC [Jul 16, 11 AM]: Registrations Open

Webinar on Sustainability through Green Lean (GLEAN) by NPC [Jul 16, 11 AM]: Registrations Open

NPC Webinar on Sustainability
NPC Webinar on Sustainability
About the Webinar

With the emergent need for MSMEs to become more competitive, industries related with manufacturing tend to search for simple and effective solutions which allow them to increase productivity while maintaining or decreasing the cost involved.

However, during the last decades the social awareness about environmental problems has been increasing. When faced with this reality, MSMEs tend to seek solutions that enable them to reduce the environmental impact of their activities alongside with the economic component focusing mainly on control and reduction of associated costs.

While considering the requirement to bring the MSMEs under the fold of circular economy, NPC with experience of over one decade in application of LEAN management tools in MSMEs and having successfully implemented Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) in this sector, developed an innovative methodology to integrate the aforesaid tools and demonstrate the efficacy of the integration in achieving the objective of circular economy.

The methodology of integrating MFCA and LEAN has been termed as ‘GLEAN’. This webinar will share the aspects of GLEAN for sustainable productivity enhancement, which is a key challenge in the COVID-19 era. The success case studies will be shared to reveal the insights & benefits accrued by the demo SMEs.

Date: 16 July 2020

Time: 11 AM- 1 PM

Webinar Coverage
  • Innovative integration of MFCA & LEAN
  • Case Studies on GLEAN
  • Panel Discussion
  • Mr. Hiroshi Tachikawa has more than 15 years of professional experience in training and consulting in the fields of green productivity including green supply chain and green procurement.
  • Mr. Aman Gulati is serving as Deputy Director in the National Productivity Council, Delhi. He has over 10 years of consultancy experience in the field of Industrial Engineering with expertise in the field of LEAN, MFCA and Project Management.
  • Interested candidates can register online via this page.
  • Registration fee: Rs. 500

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