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Webinar on ‘Mental Health During Corona Times’ by The Alternative Story [March 27, 5.30 PM, Pay What You Want]

The Alternative Story provides individual and organizational well-being services.
Our core values of being Smart, Sensitive, and Strong enable us to provide high-quality solutions that are accessible, effective, and enable long-term transformation for individuals and organizations.
We know that it’s not easy living in quarantine right now.
All of us are trying our best to practice social distancing and working from home. This can be isolating and worsen our mental health.
For those of us living with mental illness, this can be a difficult time.
Living with toxic families, being unable to get fresh air or move out of the house can worsen the symptoms of our mental illnesses.
We believe that community and solidarity can solve these issues but physically coming together can be devastating for our healths and lives. But technology might be able to provide some respite.
The Alternative Story will host a conversation on what it means for our mental health to be living in quarantine every Friday at 5:30 pm during the all-India lockdown.
Entry is Pay-What-You-Want.

You can register for the webinar here.


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