Webinar on Joy of Discovery in Modern Research

Webinar on Joy of Discovery in Modern Research by IISc Bangalore [July 27]: Invitation Open

Paraspar, an Office of Communications Initiative at IISc Bangalore welcomes you to a webinar series on Journey of Discovery in Science.

Paraspar is an initiative to open ​up conversations about processes and methodologies of science and knowledge systems in general. The end products of such endeavours — the creations, discoveries and inventions are known to all but the journeys are rarely discussed. This initiative, through various activities such as lectures, workshops, courses, competitions and publications, is aimed at enabling insights into the ways of knowledge production, in order to make them a little more familiar to all.

This series will explore the journey of scientific discoveries. Very often science is known only by its finished product. But the path is not revealed. Through these lectures we attempt to unravel the processes of science, including the struggles and failures.


Modern research is a complex activity that calls for a wide knowledge, training and also team work.  In this talk, we will use some anecdotes from history of science and come to the modern age and discuss recent important discoveries such as the discovery of the Higgs at the LHC and that of gravitational waves at the LIGO collaboration as examples not necessarily in this order.

We will also discuss some examples from mathematics and computer science. We will also discuss some contributions of underrepresented scientists. The talk will also highlight the nature of the calling of a professional researcher, and will be open to discussion from students at the end of the talk.

Speaker : Prof. B. Ananthanarayan, Centre of High Energy Physics, Indian Institute of Science

Date : Monday 27th July 2020

Time : 4.00 pm

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All are welcome.


For any query contact Dr. Bitasta Das (bitasta@iisc.ac.in), Office of Communications, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Office of Communications, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

For the official poster, click the link below.

Webinar on Joy of Discovery in Modern Research


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