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Webinar on Energy Conservation Through Improved Maintenance Practices by NPC [Nov 23, 3 PM]: Register Now

About Webinar

The corporate monthly energy bill has until recently being rarely viewed by the maintenance department of a company. Due to the globalization of economy and consequently needing a development of competitive edge to survive in the global market, the corporations finally recognized maintenance as an integral part of the production process.

One of these initiatives allows the maintenance department to share the responsibility and gain recognition for its energy reduction efforts. This webinar will discuss about nine important areas where energy conservation can be achieved by the maintenance function of an organization.

Date: 23 Nov 2020

Time: 3 Pm to 4:15 Pm

Webinar Coverage

Improved maintenance practices for energy efficiency and conservation; Energy savings through proper lubrication practices and use of energy-efficient lubricants; Energy conservation in compressed air systems through proper maintenance and leakage prevention; Energy savings through maintenance of proper electrical conductivity in plant and machinery; Installation, maintenance and operation of mechanical drives for energy efficiency; Implementation of systematic housekeeping and 5S for reducing energy consumption; Implementation of proactive and productive maintenance of plant and machinery for energy conservation; Industrial lighting for energy efficiency; Proper maintenance of steam systems in industry for energy conservation ; Few case studies will be discussed regarding the above maintenance practices.

Speaker Profile

PhD (Production Engineering) from Jadavpur University, M.Tech (Chemical Engineering) from IIT Kanpur. Specialised in: Advanced Maintenance Management Systems & Techniques from Sweden; Energy Conservation Systems from IIT,Delhi, Industrial Tribology & Lubrication Management from National Tribology Centre, UK; Total Productive Maintenance from JIPM, Tokyo; Condition Monitoring Systems from IIT Madras & IRD Mechanalysis, UK; Hazop/Hazan & OHSAS from University of Manchester, UK & DNV India.

Have 40 years of experience in consultancy & training in various subjects of Maintenance Management including Energy conservation through maintenance management. Retired as Deputy Director General (Technical Service) from National Productivity Council of India. Presently working as consultant for industry associations, like-Alkali Manufacturers Association of India (AMAI), Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), National Productivity Council (NPC), etc.

Key learnings
  • Maintenance Practices and Energy Consumption.
  • Energy conservation through Systematic Lubrication.
  • Maintenance of Compressed Air Systems for Energy Conservation.
  • Electrical Connectivity and energy Savings.
  • Maintenance of Mechanical Drive Systems and Energy efficiency.
  • Waste Heat and Cooling Recovery for Energy Conservation.
  • Housekeeping and 5S for Energy Conservation.
  • Productive Maintenance Practices for Energy Savings
  • Industrial Lighting for Optimizing Energy Bill.
  • Maintenance of Steam Systems for Reducing Energy Consumption.
  • Case Examples/Studies on the above topics.
  • Interested candidates can register via this page.
  • Registration fee: Rs. 433

Webinar on Energy Conservation Through Improved Maintenance Practices by NPC.




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