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Webinar on Ending the Drug War in India by Students For Liberty, South Asia [Nov 20, 6:00 PM]: Registration Open

Students For Liberty, South Asia is organising a Webinar on “Ending the Drug War in India” on 20/11/20, 6 PM IST.

About the Webinar

The modern-day drug problem is an incredibly multifaceted one – while on one hand, people in a variety of situations may value drugs for medicinal, spiritual or even recreational purposes, communities around the world, on the other hand, have also had to grapple with the debilitating social effects of rampant drug abuse.

The Indian response to this problem has largely been one of across the board criminalisation of drug use. Despite provisions for severe punishment as well as laxity in affording procedural protections to the accused, thus downplaying their rights, the problem of drug abuse hasn’t seen much improvement.

What lessons does the Indian experience offer? How can those suffering from addiction be helped, while at the same time, it is ensured that those who need drugs for important purposes get easy access?

About the Speaker

Adv. Tripti Tandon is a New Delhi based lawyer and Deputy Director with the Lawyers Collective, one of the oldest human rights organisation in India. She is a well-published author and has spearheaded work on HIV, law and criminalisation, drug policy and human rights.

She has been involved in litigation questioning the NDPS Act including a challenge to the mandatory death penalty for repeat drug offences, human rights in drug dependence treatment, the inclusion of substances and determination of drug quantity for punishment and more recently, the admissibility of confessional statements recorded by narcotics officers. Ma’am has elaborately analysed and assessed the incorporation of the principles of harm reduction in the Indian drug-law framework and advanced drug policy reform by drafting legal amendments.

How to Register?

Interested participants can register for the webinar through this link.

Students For Liberty, South Asia Webinar


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