Webinar on Determining KPIs for Lean Implementation by NPC [Oct 29, 3:30 PM]: Registrations Open

Webinar on Determining KPIs for Lean Implementation by NPC [Oct 29, 3:30 PM]: Registrations Open

NPC Webinar KPI Lean implementation
NPC Webinar KPI Lean implementation
About the Webinar

Organizations implementing Lean have to select monitoring parameters which are to be reviewed on both short term basis – like daily or weekly as well as on long term basis like monthly, quarterly, etc.

These parameters which can be also called KPIs have to be carefully chosen to ensure that they do not over burden the employees in addition to their regular work. KPIs should be selected in such a way that employees can progressively adapt to the culture which focuses on value maximization and waste minimization.

KPIs applicable for a department may not be applicable for another department. Similarly KPIs suitable for a sector of industry may be irrelevant for another sector because of various factors like availability of resources, process adopted by the organizations, etc. In long run the successful implementation of Lean depends a lot on the KPIs selected by the organization.

Date: 29 Oct 2020

Time: 3:30 Pm to 4:30 Pm

Webinar Coverage
  • Overview of Lean Implementation
  • Commonly used KPIs in organizations implementing Lean:
  • 5S KPIs
  • Selecting KPIs best suitable for company based on its mission

Shri Swarupan Das is currently working as Deputy Director in National Productivity Council, Bengaluru. After completing Engineering, he has done is Post Graduate Program in Industrial Engineering, PGDM in Human Recourse Management and also completed certificate course in Project Management (CIPM). In the last 11 years he has been involved in the consultancy and training in area of Industrial Engineering.

He was involved in over 35 Consultancy Projects in the areas of Shop Floor Productivity Improvement, Lean Manufacturing in MSMEs, etc. Some of the clients where consultancy was provided includes : BOSCH Ltd, Zuari Cements Ltd, Bangalore Electricity Supplying Company, TVS Tyres Limited, Schneider Electric, Grasim Ltd, Hindustan Newsprint Ltd, English India Clays Ltd, GMR, etc.

  • Interested candidates can register online via this page.
  • Registration fee: Rs. 354
Register to learn
  • Acquire knowledge about aspects of Lean Implementation
  • Commonly used KPIs in various departments of organization implementation Lean Manufacturing
  • Various parameters for 5S Score which can be used as KPIs.
  • How to select the best KPI suitable for the organization.

Swarupan Das
Email: swarupan.das[at] bngnpc[at]
Mobile: 9019883123

Webinar on Determining KPIs for Lean Implementation by NPC.




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