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Webinar on Bhagavad Gita & Its Relevance to Management by NPC [Aug 19, 11 AM]: Registrations Open

Webinar on Bhagavad Gita & Its Relevance to Management by NPC [Aug 19, 11 AM]: Registrations Open

NPC Webinar on Bhagavad Gita Management
NPC Webinar on Bhagavad Gita Management
About the Webinar

Bhagavad Gita (By the name the meaning goes as “tune of the Lord”) is widely accepted as “religious book”. A message preached by Lord Krishna to Warrior Arjuna amidst war ground. But, in depth insight of Gita makes one understand that it is a compilation of many key themes of Indian scholarly conventions. It is actually an “Anusthana Grandha” – a book aimed for practicing not for just reading.

It trains the mind in right thinking, right way of seeing things so that mind gets liberated and empowers itself for higher achievements. Leadership is one of the core themes of management. There are many leadership styles described in management literature.

The leadership style prescribed by Lord Krishna in second chapter of Gita describes the ultimate mental status a leader must attain. Similarly III chapter of Gita explains few facts about team building which is another main topic in management. This Webinar is an attempt to extract inputs given by Gita about leadership and team building.

Date: 19 Aug 2020

Time: 11 Am to 1 PM

Webinar Coverage

Webinar covers the following topics. Who is a leader? Leadership styles, Transactional and Transformational leadership – Leadership qualities exhorted by Lord Krishna in Sankhya Yoga of Gita. Relationship between Action and Result. Philosophy of “Karmanyeva Adhikaraste” & the way it helps in overcoming stress so that productivity increases. Concept of “Sthitha Pragna” and how it is possible to attain that mental status, Meaning of team building, Inputs on team building given by Karma Yoga – III chapter of Gita.


Dr. V. Janaki Thenneti is a professor of Management with 28 years of teaching and research experience. She holds two doctorates in Economics and Business Management. She authored many research papers published in various national and international journals and two books. HR and women studies are her specialization areas apart from economics. Her other interests are music, writing various features, short stories etc.

  • Interested candidates can register online via this page.
  • Registration Fee (including GST):- 590/- (e-participation certificate will be provided)

Tel: 040-24733473

Webinar on Bhagavad Gita & Its Relevance to Management by NPC.



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