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Webinar on Approaches Towards Restoration of Urban Lakes by India-UK Water Centre [Sep 16, 5:00 PM]: Registration Open

About the Webinar

The Webinar on Approaches Towards Restoration of Urban Lakes: A case study from Bangalore, India is organised by India-UK Water Centre on Sep 16, 5:00 PM.
This webinar will be of interest to anyone interested in potential solutions and implementation barriers to addressing water quality issues in urban lakes.  The aim is to help inform research questions in the content of lake health, as well as to build new collaborations across a range of disciplines to further restoration of freshwaters.

  • Priyanka Jamwal has a doctorate in Environmental Engineering and Management. Her work focuses on the identification of contaminant sources in surface water bodies, modelling the fate and transport of contaminants in urban hydrological systems, and assessing the risk to human health due to exposure to contaminants. Her empirical work has focused on quantification of the microbial load from point and non-point sources in urbanising watersheds. Her recent work on the fate of trace metals and nutrients in urban hydrological systems has identified gaps in the current water quality regulatory frameworks prevalent in India. Her work also focuses on understanding the groundwater sanitation nexus in peri-urban spaces, which lack piped water supply and centralised sanitation infrastructures. She collaborates with social scientists to understand impacts on water resources and governance, and restoration solutions.
  • Professor Laurence Carvalho is an ecologist in the Freshwater Restoration and Sustainability Group at UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH), and an Honorary Professor at the University of Stirling. He works on a range of issues related to the impacts of environmental change on water quality and the restoration of the ecological health of freshwaters. He specialises in the monitoring and management of harmful algal blooms in lakes and reservoirs.  He developed UK and European environmental standards for lakes and has worked extensively on implementation of European water policy (Water Framework Directive). In recent years, he has been collaborating with partners in India to support restoration of freshwaters in rural villages and urban Bangalore.
How to Register?

Interested participants can register for the webinar through this link.
For more details, click the link below.

Webinar on Approaches Towards Restoration of Urban Lakes by India-UK Water Centre


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