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Webinar on Applications of Machine Learning in Data Science by Akal University [Dec 4, 2 PM]: Register Now

Department of Computer Science is organizing a National Webinar on Applications of Machine Learning in Data Science from 2:00 pm onwards. In this webinar, one will get to know about the conceptual ideas of Machine Learning with its current trends and applications.

With the abundance of data being generated every day, the rise of new automated technologies is inevitable. A whole world is relying on machine learning to develop mission-critical applications to empower the businesses. However, there are a series of challenges one has to tackle in the machine learning application.

Machine learning becoming a critical enabler for every sector, this webinar is specifically aimed at machine learning students, engineers and data scientists to help them understand the fundamental concepts of AI & ML and help them leverage cloud machine learning tools. During this seminar participants were introduced to the world of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and thinking machines.

Webinar of ML

Topic: Applications of Machine Learning in Data Science
Time: Dec 4, 2020 02:00 PM India

  • Interested candidates can join via zoom or youtube.
  • Meeting ID: 978 8301 4323
    Passcode: 131313


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