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Webinar and Poetry Contest on “Embracing Wordsworth: A Quarter-Millennial Commemoration” [Aug 1]: Submit by July 30

The Department of English (SF), Kamaraj College, Thoothukudi is organizing an International Webinar on “Embracing Wordsworth: A Quarter-millennial Commemoration” on 1st August, 2020.

Session I 2.00 p.m. (IST):

Wordsworthian Themes: Freedom and Nature
Prof. Daniel David, Head, Department of English (SFS), Madras Christian College, Chennai

Session II 3.30 p.m. (IST): 

IYAL: A Conversation with Prof. Mark Sandy, Prof. Mark Sandy, Department of English Studies, Durham University, UK

In connection with this webinar we are organizing A POETRY WRITING CONTEST for all.

Guidelines for Submission:

Topic: Nature

Submissions are open internationally, to any poet writing in English—not exceeding 17 lines.
Any rhyme scheme or meter can be used
ONE entry per person
Only original poems are accepted
Contest closes at 12.00 noon, 30th July, 2020
The poems will be evaluated by a panel of judges


Best 5 poems will be selected, ranked and awarded the certificate of merit.
Winners will be notified personally
The Prize winners will be announced by Prof. Mark Sandy on the day of the event to the public.
The prize-winning poets can read their poems on Zoom on the day of the webinar


Registration: Free

Participants will receive an E-certificate to their registered email ids.

The Session may extend up to 3 hours

Registration link for poets is here.

Registration link for webinar participants.

Join on Zoom and Live on You Tube

Those aspiring individuals who would like to take part in this webinar can click this link for zoom.
Meeting ID: 844 0039 4276
Password: 479103

Live YouTube link is here.


For updates, follow the following channels.



For Whatsapp:

Dignitaries of the institution:

Kamaraj College

Dr.A.M.Tony Melwyn,
Director (SF),
Kamaraj College

Mrs. M.Sheyamala, Head,
Department of English (SF),
Kamaraj College


Dr. P. Shasikala & Mr. S. Sree Sakthi Prem
Assistant Professors, Department of English (SF),
Kamaraj College, Thoothukudi,  Tamil Nadu, INDIA.


Embracing Wordsworth

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  1. Hadia Faisal says:

    Winner will receive certificate at their doorstep or just an e-certificate ???

    1. Dr.Geeta Sharma says:

      Lurking behind the mountain’s peak the dawn dethrones Diana silently

      2.She slides with her star studded crown behind red rays veil coyly

      3.Riding on His majestic seven horsed golden chariot swiftly

      4.The Sun ushers unleashing the caged fragrances and melodies softly.

      5.The new monarch decrees to shed off the cosy comfy den

      6.And warm up to toil and furrow the newly seeded land

      7.The ascending day heats up with scorching fire and fury

      8.Compelling the toiling folks to seek shelter under the old Bunyan tree.

      9. Dusky way ward weary they rush to join family in mirth and marry

      10.Tipsy virgins call their lovers to dance under twiinking starry night

      11.Children are listening fairy tales with sleep laden eyes

      12.They too surrender to the luring call of dreamy nights.

      13.The crescent moon advances engulfing every scene to sight

      14. Calling them for a solitary walk on cold moist foggy way

      15.A stroll down the memory lane they recall old friends, lost love.and gone days

      16. It’s is devine design to rotate the Sun and the Moon not a victory or defeat

      17.To tell the world that nights to dream and days to fulfill a long cherished wish.

      Thanking You.

      Dr. Geeta Sharma


      The Crowning Glories

  2. Mousumi Biswas says:

    Thank you for such an enriching session on the nature poet,Wordsworth. Thank you for giving all the participants to be featured in your college magazine . I had participated in the contest but not yet received my certificate . Also where can I access the featured poems .
    Hope to be part of many more such contests and webinars
    Thank you

  3. Mousumi Biswas says:

    An enriching experience . Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be featured in your college magazine. Please give the website so that we can have access to the poems of the contest . I have posted my feedback forms but not yet received my e certificate for my entry ..
    Thank you

    1. Dr.Geeta Sharma says:

      It will be a pleasure to know your esteemed views about my poem entitled The Crowning Glories.
      Dr. Geeta Sharma

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