WAFA Youth Climate Award 2020 [Certificate + Cash Prize]: Apply by May 10: Expired

WAFA is excited to announce yet another Global Award Program “Youth Climate Award ” (YCA) to honour young people who are developing projects to reverse climate change. We are looking for Ambassadors to help us in finding these unsung heroes.

Join the WAFA Ambassador program, Be a Part of the Great WAFA Family for a Great Cause. As an Ambassador, you will research, identify, and validate outstanding youth-driven projects, and invite them to apply for the YCA. Furthermore, you will have access to any other WAFA program/activity as well, if you wish to volunteer.

As Ambassadors You or your team will:
  • Connect with youth organizations, schools, and individuals to identify projects
  • Post regularly on social media
  • Research and create content – written, visual, and auditory
  • Engage with the community and generate positive feedback
  • Post translated content and work with translators, if needed
Nomination & Selection

WAFA Awards are known for unbiased selection process through:

  • Governance
  • Award Vision & Framework
  • Supporting Processes
  • Award Categories & Evaluation Criteria
  • Prize Money Allocation & Distribution
  • Partnerships
  • Timelines for the Award Program(s)
  • Marketing and Communication

Award Criteria:

  • Economic Feasibility/Sustainability
  • Budget Source
  • Innovation
  • Empowerment
  • Scalability
  • Replicability
  • Social and Environmental Impact
  • Future Plans and Duration
Project details

An eligible project will:

  • produce measurable results for at least two years;
  • empower community members;
  • introduce/upgrade technologies or practices that improve the community’s quality of life;
  • provide significant environmental, economic and social benefits;
  • be a replicable model for other communities;
  • be eligible for impact investment to scale beyond the original community.
Important dates
  • 15 Mar: Open Date to receive Award Applications
  • 10 May: Close Date to receive Award Applications
  • 11 May: Start Date to shortlist Applications, by WAFA Team
  • 14 Jun: End Date to shortlist Applications
  • 15 Jun: Start Date to select Finalists, by Selection Committee
  • 12 Jul: End Date to select Finalists
  • 15 Jul: Open Date for public voting on Finalist Projects
  • 30 Aug: Close Date for public voting
  • 07 Sep: Announce Winners
  • 15 Nov: WAFA Youth Climate Award Ceremony

For application and more details, click here.

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