Call for Applications: Volunteer by Carbon Initiative Forum [e-Certificates + Exciting Goodies]: Applications Open

Carbon Initiative Forum (CIF) is inviting applications for Volunteer as a Planeteer.

About CIF

This movement has been initiated by the Carbon Initiative Forum (CIF). We are a non-profit that inspires and inculcates the youth to find practical and sustainable solutions to climate change-related issues. They encourage individuals/organisations to take charge of their impact on the world around them through education and engagement.


Climate Change is going to leave a trail of destruction behind, not just for the billions of humans but also for the various plants and animals inhabiting this planet. It is a time when even as one person you can and must muster all the will and support for a change.

CIF has established a club, The C.I.F. Climate Club with the mission to create a platform for young climate leaders where they can come together, brainstorm ideas and solutions on climate change issues, strategize to implement them in their cities and spread awareness about the same.

Join the Climate Club by becoming a #ClimateAmbassador at your college or organization and get the movement racing. Reach out and influence as many people as you can to spread awareness so that they can be more aware and empowered going forward. They can no longer say someone else will solve the problem. Climate change has become too big an issue, and too close to home to not do something about it at an individual level.

This is an opportunity to be involved in a global cause!

The club draws its inspiration from an animated series from the ‘90s where Captain Planet and his Planeteers (the hero’s) strive to save the environment. They want to continue the legacy and create an ‘Army of Planeteers’ who will save the planet from an impending climate catastrophe.

Initial Phase

Features cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai at some of the best academic institutions in the country.

How can you help?

Help the climate and tackle global warming through awareness. You’re free to use any means to spread accurate knowledge. Support and drive policy for climate action as well as compulsory climate education in schools and colleges.


You can claim certificates, earn credits or goodies for engaging and taking action against climate change as a token of appreciation. You would also get ranks based on your contribution along with a #ChangeMakerChampion badge for levelling up as the forerunner of the movement.

How to Apply?

You can join the C.I.F. Climate Club by filling out the google form via this link.

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