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VIT Chennai Model United Nations 2018 [Mar 16-18]: Registrations Open

VIT-Chennai Model United Nations, the annual inter-college Model United Nations Conference hosted by VIT University, Chennai Campus.

  • Arab League
    A land with holy places of almost all the religions of the earth, the Arab World is full of 1001 Arabian nights full of war cries, and diplomatic words whispered in between the leaders. The Geopolitics of the region is always flavored with the unknown, and the incomprehensible.
    Agenda: Geopolitics of the Arab World
  • United Nations Security Council
    The council whose participants inspire envy and awe wherever they go, you require an agenda which is equally challenging and has scope for showing mind boggling diplomacy, and political acumen.
    Agenda: Situation in Yemen
  • United Nations Human Rights Council
    I raise up my voice – not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. We cannot succeed when half of us are held back
    Agenda: Analyzing Gender Mainstream Policies and Evaluating Their Implementation
  • United Nations General Assembly DISEC
    With the leaders of countries worldwide taking steps, which instill hatred, fear, or has drawn mockery worldwide; with the 11th session of the Emergency Special Session being convened at the end of the year; and with ethnic cleansing occuring in many parts of the world, the agenda for DISEC is perhaps the most appropriate one.
    Agenda: 2017: Year in Review
  • All India Poltical Party Meet
    The recent past had been filled with landmark decisions by the government, major changes in the electoral process, and multiple crimes of the most severe magnitude which have shocked the nation. Everyone has an opinion, and is hungry to find solutions which can take this great country forward.
    Agenda: Electoral Reforms in India
    Review of National Law Enforcement Mechanism
  • Trilateral Commission
    Trilateral Commission is a name which needs no introduction to all those who love knowing about the most powerful people in the world and the name is very famous particularly in the lips of all conspiracy theorist.
    Agenda: Analyzing a Global Shift in Sovereign Policies; Discussing the Possibility of New World Order


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