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Vistara Hackathon [Delhi & Bangalore, Oct 7-8]; Prizes of Kindle & More: Register by Sep 25: Expired

Vistara Hackathon
The Vistara Hackathon brings India’s Largest Aviation Hackathon Vistara Hackathon 2017 in partnership with IncubateIND and takes you on a new voyage of the hack with talented teams of developers, designers, and data scientists.
The world is evolving at a fast pace. India is endeavouring to become the third-largest aviation market by 2026 but IT in airlines has still a long way to go. With the passage of time, the surge in the population on the airports have given rise to a lot of problems in the airlines such as reduction in the efficiency in work due to running security gauntlet, dealing with paperwork and procedures, in-flight connectivity, security, safety in the air, rising operating costs etc.
Flying today has become completely different from what it was before. If airlines want to survive, they need to do something exceptional in order to give a seamless flying experience to its customers.
While Indian Aviation lags behind in using advanced technology, there is a great prospect and aspiration among Indian Aviation to bring the country in line with the rest of the world. Vistara is one such aviation which is determined to render smooth services to its customers, making their experience hassle-free.
The only aviation to be born on the cloud, Vistara has moved a step ahead towards its commitment, making flying matchless in the form of Vistara Hackathon.
This 30-hour long hackathon focuses on the aviation industry as it relates to developing the airport of the future. It blends innovation with creativity and constructs solutions to the problems in the areas such as the business travel journey, the data travel, customers survey complaints, customers’ experience, travel and tourism, software and API, IOT and robotics and marketing, making your experience peerless and one of a kind.
Team up with us on this unique and exciting journey on the same day, at the same time in two cities Delhi and Bengaluru on October 7th to 8th.
Aviation Hackathon Challenges:
Change the world of hassle & puzzled Airlines during a 30 hour hack, in which you’ll take air retailing to the next level. You can explore the area of your choice from any of the eight categories mentioned below:

  • The Business Travel Journey
  • The Data Travel
  • Customers Survey Complaints
  • Customers Experience
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Software and API
  • IOT/Robotics
  • Marketing
For more details, please visit this link.

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