Vishwa Konkani Student Scholarship

‘Vishwa Konkani Student Scholarship Fund (VKSSF)’ envisages grant of Merit Cum Means scholarship for students having Konkani language as their mother tongue. Instituted World Konkani Centre in the year 2010 as envisioned by the eminent thinker and corporate leader T.V. Mohandas Pai, the VKSSF has since then successfully raised and distributed over 6000 Scholarships to the tune of Rs. 8.0 Crores.

Engineering and MBBS Programme:

This is the Flagship programme of VKSSF and awards Scholarships for Bachelor Degree Education in the streams of Engineering and MBBS. The Scholarship Amount of Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 40,000 per year per student respectively. Since its inception in 2010 VKSS has awarded more than 2000 Scholarships under this programme.

Master Degree Programme:

VKSSF offers Scholarships for Master Degree courses in any discipline. The rate of scholarship varies from discipline to discipline.

Study Abroad Programme:

VKSSF offers Scholarships for pursuing higher education outside India, with Scholarship Amount of Rs. 1.00 Lakh per year per student. Students with Konkani language as their mother tongue, who intend to secure admissions in any of the foreign University may apply for this scholarship.

Special Programmes:

In view of widening the scope of the Scholarship Fund VKSSF has initiated a new scheme in 2012 to empower Communities like, Kudubi, Kharvi etc. Under this Scheme VKSSF awards PUC and DEGREE Scholarship with a Scholarship Amount of Rs. 2500 and Rs. 5000 Respectively.

VKSSF has a Special Programme for DEGREE Students of Konkani Speaking Communities from Kerala State. Apart from this VKSSF has also supported the Scholarship Programmes like Vidya Poshak Udupi and Kharvi Vidya Nidhi, Kundapur.

Endowment Programmes:

Endowment Programmes are special scholarship programme launched as per the specific instructions from Donors. Presently VKSSF has two such programmes.

  • Shri Ramadas V. Rao and Smt. Meenakshi R. Rao Scholarship for MBBS Studies for One girl Student.
  • Late Padubidri Sadananda Shenoy Family Scholarship for MBBS Studies for TWO students.
For more details, and to apply online, please visit this link.  

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