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Virtual Course on Dielectric Resonator and Its Applications by NIT Silchar [Nov 20-24]: Register by Nov 17

NIT Silchar is organising Virtual Course on Dielectric Resonator and Its Applications from Nov 20 to 24, 2020. The last date of registration is 17 Nov 2020.

About the Course

A dielectric resonator (DR) is a piece of dielectric material, usually ceramic. It is designed to function as a resonator for radio waves, generally in the microwave and millimeter wave bands. The radio waves are confined inside the resonator material by the abrupt change in permittivity at the surface, and bounce back and forth between the sides.

At resonant frequencies, the microwaves form standing waves in the resonator, oscillating with large amplitudes. The resonant frequency is determined by the physical dimensions and the permittivity of the dielectric material. DRs generally consist of a “puck” of ceramic having large permittivity and a low dissipation factor.

DRs’ function similarly to CRs (cavity resonators), except that the radio waves are reflected by the large change in permittivity rather than by the conductivity of metal. At millimetre wave frequencies, metal surfaces become lossy reflectors, so dielectric resonators are used at these frequencies.

DRs’ main use is in millimetre-wave electronic oscillators to control the frequency of the radio waves generated. They are also used as bandpass filters as well as antennas. DRA-2020 focusses the fundamental aspects of DRs and some engineering applications.


Students (UG/PG/PhD), faculty members and industry personnel from recognized technical institutions/ organizations interested in the emerging area of dielectric resonator and its microwave applications can register for this course.

  • Prof. Y.M.M Antar, RMC/QU Canada
  • Prof. Ahmed A Kishk, Concordia University Canada
  • Prof. Kwok Wa Leung, City University of Hong Kong
  • Prof. Tayeb A. Denidni, Universite de Quebec, Canada
  • Prof. Surender Pal, Scientist, ISRO Satellite Centre Bangalore, India
  • Prof. R.K. Gangwar, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, India
  • Dr. Sounik Kiran Kumar Dash, SUSTech, Shenzhen, China
  • Interested candidates can register online via this page.
  • There is no registration fee.
  • Interested candidates can register (on or before 17 Nov. 2020)

Dr. Taimoor Khan, Convener, DRA-2020
Email: sparc[at]
Mobile: +91-9411823416/+91-9864782439

Virtual Course on Dielectric Resonator and Its Applications by NIT Silchar.


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