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CfP: Virtual Conference on Narrativizing Tribal Life in the Context of Covid- 19 by Kartik Oraon College, Ranchi [Feb 25-27, 2021]: Submit by Aug 25

About the Conference

The National Virtual Conference on Narrativizing Tribal Life in the Context of COVID- 19 (Emic and Etic Perspectives) is organised by Kartik Oraon College, Ranchi from Feb 25-27, 2021.

This conference, Narrativizing Tribal Life in the Context of Covid-19 (Emic and Etic Perspectives), conceptualized on a broad, inclusive and self-explanatory theme, attempts to record the travails and tribulations of the tribal people during the exodus, the organization of society after the influx of these labourers and the forms of adjustments that take place in the lives of these discriminated, disadvantaged and marginalized people.

The conference promises to provide a national academic platform for scholars interested in bringing out the perspectives on the experiences of the tribal and other marginalized communities during the COVID pandemic. 

This documentation of their experiences could be deemed necessary as reliable and valid historic data that can play a vital role in the construction of their identity in the nation. Secondly, the conference wants to consolidate scholars’ perspective on the experiences of these marginalized communities and also their post-lockdown anxieties about the hardships so that suitable policies can be framed in future by the state authorities.

Sub Themes
  • Tribal Community and Identity
  • Modernity and Economic Life
  • Communication and Narratives
  • Gender and Rights
  • Environmental Issues
  • Tribal Politics
  • Tribal Folklore and Sustainability
  • Government Initiatives and Tribal Communities
Submission Details
  • triballifeconferenceenglish@gmail.com (English)
  • triballifeconferencehindi@gmail.com (Hindi/Mundari)
  • triballifeconferencetamil@gmail.com (Tamil)
Instructions for Contributors
  • This conference is designed to be a virtual one and the scholars are requested to submit their full papers on time. 
  • The papers accepted will be published as book chapters by reputed national/international publisher. 
  • MLA style can be followed for the preparation of papers.
  • A4 size with 1.5 line space must be followed. No maximum page limit.
  • The soft copy of full papers in MS Word format must be sent to the respective email ids only. (Attach a PDF copy of the full paper for verification purpose) 
  • The language of full papers can be either in English or Hindi or Mundari or Tamil. 
  • Attach or send the details of the fonts used for Hindi, Mundari and Tamil papers.
  • Abstracts along with personal details must be sent in the Microsoft Office Excel File. 
  • Provide details in the following order: Name, designation, department, institutions, address contact numbers, email, the title of the paper, abstract – must be entered in each column in the same order.
  • Articles will be published after thorough editing. 
  • Authors are responsible for factual errors and plagiarism related issues.
Registration Fee

There is no registration fee. (However, a nominal publication fee may be charged, in case of non-availability of funding.) 

Important Dates
  • Abstracts: August 25, 2020
  • Full papers: November 25, 2020
  • Conference: February 25-27, 2021

Director I/c, CSSE&IP
Director, Centre for Diaspora Studies
Prof & Head, Dept. of Sociology
M.S. University, Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu)
(+91 94423 03269)

To know full details, click the link below.

Virtual Conference on Narrativizing Tribal Life in the Context of Covid- 19 by Kartik Oraon College, Ranchi


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