UWC Mahindra Summer Programmes 2019 for High School Students [Pune, June-July]: Applications Open

Summer Programmes 2019Applications are open for the UWC Mahindra Summer Programmes 2019 for Indian and International High School Students.

About the programmes:

UWC Mahindra Short programmes allow youth to be immersed in an intensive intellectually and emotionally stimulating UWC experience for a shorter period of time.
By focusing on specific issues, students are able to explore the complexities surrounding topics and have life-defining opportunities for a highly experiential and hands-on approach to learning.
Summer programmes are great opportunities to experience a UWC education and give the student an idea of the critical engagement required for a UWC or university education abroad.
The summer programmes are highly international in nature and students from many countries are welcomed, with needs-based scholarship support. For Indians, it is an incredible opportunity to challenge their assumptions about India they know and to look at critical issues from various perspectives.
Following Programmes are being offered in June-July 2019:

  • YES: Youth, Environment & Sustainability

Duration: 1 – 9 June 2019.
A week-long programme, located on the campus’ 175-acre biodiversity reserve, that investigates our impact on the environment and explores sustainable alternatives.
Programme Fee: ₹ 34000 / $ 540 (Early Registration Fee for Indian Students: ₹ 29000. Before 15th April).
For more details on this programme, click here.

  • TGIF! Theater, Gender, Identity, Film

Duration: 9 – 22 June 2019.
A one-of-a-kind experiential summer programme, rooted in the creative techniques of film and theater, that explores, creates and expresses constructs of gender & identity in a variety of personal contexts.
Programme Fee: ₹ 130000 / $ 2000 (Early Registration Fee for Indian Students: ₹ 100000. Before 15th April 2019)
For more details on this programme, click here.

  • Encounter India

Duration: 22 June – 14 July 2019.
A 3-week travel programme that elevates us from mere sightseers to ‘explorers’. Learning experiences are built around the peg of development – using various socio-cultural, political, historical, and economic lenses – to better understand India, its complexities, and our own histories and ideologies.
Programme Fee: ₹ 193000/$ 3600 (Early Registration Fee for Indian Students: ₹ 168000. Before 15th April 2019)
For more details on this programme, click here.

How to apply?

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Tel: +91 97644 42751 – 54
Email: info[at]muwci.net

For further details, click here.

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