UWC Mahindra Summer Programme 2018 for High School Students [June-July, Pune]: Applications Open

About the programmes

UWC Mahindra Short programmes allow youth to be immersed in an intensive intellectually and emotionally stimulating UWC experience for a shorter period of time. By focusing on specific issues, students are able to explore the complexities surrounding topics and have life- defining opportunities for a highly experiential and hands-on approach to learning.
Summer programmes are great opportunities to experience a UWC education, and gives the student an idea of the critical engagement required for a UWC or university education abroad.
As with the Diploma programme, our summer programmes are highly international in nature and we welcome students from many countries, with needs-based scholarship support.
For Indians, it is an incredible opportunity to challenge their assumptions about the India they know and to look at critical issues from various perspectives. We offer several programmes ranging from 1 week to 3 weeks for high school students.

1. YES: Youth Environment & Sustainability

4 June – 12 June, 2018
A 1-week programme focused on environment and conservation issues in India. We will work with environment & sustainability NGOs with multiple field trips and hands-on project work that encourage us to engage with complex questions of development and conflict, globalization and consumerism, culture and technology, all of which are woven through the fabric of human development and the environment.
We will lay foundational knowledge, experience, skills and inspiration to explore the challenges around sustainability areas like solid waste management, water resource management, renewable energy, agriculture & forestry and human habitats. Through an exploration of these sectors from multiple perspectives, you will leave the program equipped to make informed and sustainable choices as well as lead projects of change within your communities!
Programme Fee ₹ 34000 / $ 540  (Early Registration Fee for Indian Students: ₹ 29000. Before 15th April)

2. TGIF: Theater, Gender, Identity, Film!

12 June – 25 June, 2018
TGIF: Theater, Gender, Identity, Film is MUWCI’s most creative summer programme offering that allows you to learn techniques of film and theater as you explore, recreate and express constructs of gender in today’s society.
Through methodologies that resonate ‘a complete UWC experience’, the programme will immerse participants in an engaging exploration of the concept of ‘gender’ through an extensive and comprehensive global perspective. The program encourages students to use the mediums of Film and Theatre to convey their ideas and voice their opinions.
Programme Fee ₹ 130000 / $ 2000
(Early Registration Fee for Indian Students: ₹ 100000. Before 15th April)

3. Encounter India

25 June – 17 July, 2018
*includes travel to Orchha, Khajuraho, Mahoba, Dharamshala and New Delhi
A 3-week programme which focuses on the complexities of development in India through various social, cultural, political, religious and economic perspectives. The programme is rich with opportunity to experience surrounding rural Maharashtrian communities in ways you have not been able to before!
You will have first time experiences like planting paddy with farmers in the beautiful monsoon, to understanding and experiencing religious & communal traditions around sacred groves dating back to Maratha times, to being welcomed into the simple homes of rural families for overnight stays.
The second half of the programme includes travel to different parts of rural and urban India where you will be sure to experience and learn about your country in unexpected and transformative ways.
Programme Fee ₹ 193000 / $ 3600
(Early Registration Fee for Indian Students: ₹ 168000. Before 15th April)

How to apply

Apply online at this page.


Just like the 2-year UWC programme, we have scholarships available for students who attend our summer programmes. We have many students requesting scholarships so you are encouraged to apply soon! Please note that you must complete an application to the summer programmes before applying for scholarship support.
Click here for scholarship application.

For details, please visit the official website link given here. 

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