Utility of the Future Challenge 2021 by World Bank Group [Aug 23-27]: Submit by Aug 6: Expired

Applications are invited for Utility of the Future Challenge 2021 by World Bank Group. The last date of application submission is 6 August.

About the Challenge

The Utility of the Future challenge invites you to imagine the future where water utilities are providing reliable, safe, inclusive, transparent, and responsive WSS services through best-fit practices that allow them to operate in an efficient, resilient, innovative and sustainable manner.

But the challenge does not stop at envisioning the future; you must also come up with a strategy to fulfill your vision. Put on your thinking cap and help a utility in trouble become a Utility of the Future. 

Challenge details

This is the roadmap you must follow – don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of space to be wildly creative! 

The future today 

  • Step 1: The Utility of the Present – understand your client
  • Step 2: Tell them about what’s cool and trendy and how it can help UOTP-WSS

Imagine the UoF

  • Step 3: Imagine the future
  • Step 4: Back to the present
  • Open to applicants from around the world;
  • Max 30-years old;
  • Groups of 2 to 3 people. Make sure your group is diverse and inclusive.

Interested candidates can apply online via this page.

  • Bragging rights at the upcoming World Water Week hosted by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) being held from August 23-27;
  • The opportunity to participate and present your idea at the 2022 World Bank Water Week; meeting World Bank’s senior water experts to grow your network and discuss the latest trends in water and sanitation;
  • Last but not least – being shortlisted for a winter internship with the WB Utility of the Future team so you can help real utilities travel to 2050.
Evaluation Criteria

A multidisciplinary team from the World Bank will review and rate the proposals based on the following criteria: 

Part A: The future today  

  • Step 1: Selection of the three challenges/areas for improvement based on the assessment given (10%) 
  • Step 2: Identification of innovative practices to address the challenges identified for the utility based on emerging and disrupting trends/technologies (40%) 

Part B: Imagine the UoF 

  • Step 3: Narrative about what the water and sanitation utility would look like in 2050 (20%) 
  • Step 4: Action plan to materialize the strategy 2021 to 2050 (30%)
Click here to view the official notification of Utility of the Future Challenge 2021 by World Bank Group.

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