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Internship Opportunity @ Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Bangalore: Apply by June 25: Expired

urban plan design internship DULTAbout:

Nominations of candidates are invited from institutions for the Internship Program conducted by the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) for 2019.

The ideal candidate should be pursuing a post-graduate level course that is relevant to the work that DULT does like transport planning, urban design, urban planning, traffic engineering, public policy etc.

  • The candidate must be enrolled in an Indian Institution and pursuing a post graduate program in any relevant field and must be less than the age of 40.
  • The minimum period of internship is 8 weeks and those not completing the same shall not be issued completion certificates.
  • The Internship program is a paid assignment.

A maximum of two candidates per department/ institution shall be admitted to the Internship program.

The institution/department must shortlist three interested candidates and send their applications with a covering letter and copies of the nominees’ college ID card.


Students may have to travel to project locations for case study, site visit, data collection, and/ or for meeting with different authorities or stakeholders.

In some case students may be stationed at project locations for the whole period, depending on the complexity of the project and its proximity to Bengaluru.

How to Apply:

Completed applications must be submitted by respective institutions to the Directorate’s
office (Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Urban Development Department, Bengaluru) in original on or before 05:30 PM on 25.06.2019.

For the application form, click here.


+91 8022226627

For more information, click here.

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