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Registrations are invited for Urban Geospatial Data Stories Challenge 2022 by NIUA. Online registrations are open on the official website.

About the Challenge

Urban Geospatial Data Stories Challenge

Geospatial technology is the future of enhanced service delivery in urban areas. It provides a common language to decipher the context of urban India and gain actionable insights by integrating all types of locational & real time intelligence.

To propel the urban geospatial ecosystem, Urban Geospatial Data Stories Challenge aims to combine the power of geospatial data, analytics, and open innovation.

Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning

The Challenge is an opportunity for passionate individuals and ecosystem partners to co-create visionary narratives of future urban India. The innovative ideas and stories will help experience the potential of geospatial capabilities in cities and foster adoption of geospatial technologies.


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  • Access the data lake available at ‘Dataspace Ecosystem’ (dataspace.niua.org/dataset?q=)
    • Participants will be able to access the data lake which consists of multiple datasets across sectors and cities.
    • The datasets can be downloaded from the data lake using the login credentials provided to the participants.
    • Participants must use at least two datasets from the data lake to build their data stories/use cases.
  • Blend the datasets with other spatial and non-spatial datasets
    • In addition to the datasets downloaded from the data lake, participants can use diverse datasets viz. remote sensing data, IoT sensors data, crowdsourced data, open data etc. from various credible sources. Such datasets should not be restricted for use by way of any copyright, confidentiality clause, limitation or any other restriction with regards to the use of such data.
    • The source of every additional dataset used must be provided along with final submission.
  • Create innovative urban data stories
    • The participants must create urban geospatial data stories that will combine the power of geospatial data, data analytics, and open innovation.
    • These data stories can include interactive visualizations, informative story maps and dashboards that provide valuable insights to reimagine the developing needs of urban India.
    • The data stories can be across one or more urban sectors viz. Water & Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH), Mobility, Environment & Disaster, Energy, Safety & Security, Public Health, Education, Housing, Heritage & Culture, etc.
    • All Data Stories submitted must use geospatial technology. The submissions that do not depict the use of geospatial data & technology will not be considered for evaluation.


Interested candidates can register and submit entries via this page.

Evaluation Criteria

The data stories may be evaluated by a panel of experts from the geospatial community comprising members of academia, industry partners, think-tanks, etc.

  • Evaluation criteria will include: Novelty, Feasibility, Sustainability, Scalability and Impact
  • Avoiding Disqualification
    • No plagiarism
    • Use credible data on top of datasets downloaded from ‘dataspace ecosystem’
    • Produce the data sources and documentation
    • All Data Stories submitted must use geospatial data & technology


  • Winners shall be declared in two categories as listed below:
    • Top three entries
    • Five special mentions from different urban sectors
  • The winning teams will receive exciting rewards and certificate of merit, and an opportunity to attend Smart Cities: Smart Urbanization Conference in Surat.
  • The best data stories will be showcased on the India Urban Observatory website (www.iuo.mohua.gov.in).

Click here to view the official notification of Urban Geospatial Data Stories Challenge 2022.

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