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UPES Dehradun’s National Space Convention [April 6-8]: Registrations Open

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun proudly announces it’s National Space Convention on 6th, 7th and 8th April.
The essence of knowledge has always lied in sharing it, and the human spark has been after the discoveries of new horizons itself. It is no wonder that the most genius of people religiously believed knowledge to be a basic human right, so on the same note, Infinity Space Club proudly presents Renaissance, the National Space Convention. ⭐
Through the course of 6th, 7th and 8th of April, 2018, there is a lot to be witnessed at the UPES Campus. From a plethora of events, international guest lectures, to beautiful gazing of the night sky, with prizes over ₹1 Lakh to be given out! Following the same, here is a sneak peak into our events. ?
? CADTHALON:Time to open the doors of creativity! Put to test your CAD Skills, and design a rocket launching station along with the rocket.
? APOCALYPSO:If you’ve ever binged Air Crash Investigation on Nat Geo, then this is your game! Get your detective hats out for this investigation of an aircraft crash scenario!
? ENDEAVOUR :We all have heard of Treasure Hunts, eh? Ever wondered of one in Space? Well, we did. Join us in this race, and discover treasures unknown!
? ROCKETILE: DIY Rockets! Yes, you read that correctly! Participate to create your own working bottle rocket, and you may get a chance to launch them off!
? ENDURANCE: We agree, Space Suits are super cool. But we’d like to see your take on it. Unleash your creative horses to design your own innovative Space Suit in the Endurance challenge.
? INQUISITION: It’s all about who rings the buzzer first! Test your astronautics and space science knowledge in this Quizzing Contest!
? EXPEDITION: Since Elon Musk has already put his plans for Mars out there, this is your chance! Plan a journey to Mars, and propose your landing site in real time conditions!
? TECHNOPHILIA: Get your Engineering Pajamas on and set out on this crazy journey of creating an innovating working model, which has implementation in the Aerospace Industry.
? CONFLUENCE: Do you have a way with words? It will be tested. Bring yourself into this Oratory Challenge to really challenge your mettle!
?CONNAISSANCE:No Serial Killer was ever made by their face, right? People are always more than their faces. For those whose minds fly high up, present an idea in the field of astronautics and aerospace and battle this paper presentation!
? OBLIVIATE: We know there are freaks out there, not the X-Men but space freaks like us. Your grey matter is up to the test here, do you pass? Prove it in the best way possible.
Come forth into the mountains, to the UPES Campus on the 6th and 7th and 8th of April, and be prepared for a lift off! ?
Phone: 087559 68712

For more information, check out the official website link given here and follow this Facebook page for updates.


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