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UNFCCC Conference of Youth [Nov 2-4, Germany]: Registrations Open: Expired

UNFCCC Conference of Youth
Bearing in mind the venue and other factors, COY13 will be able to welcome about 800 participants. Overall, the participants will probably be associated with following three groups:

  • YOUNGO Members

COY13 connects young people who are participating in UNFCCC processes. Most of them belong to YOUNGO, the youth constituency to UNFCCC. YOUNGO consists of all young individuals and youth-led organisations or groups which participate in UNFCCC processes and at the climate negotiations. COY13 serves as a platform to prepare YOUNGO members for COP23.

  • Climate Activists

COY13 invites Climate Activists who are not involved in the COP23 negotiations. This group consists of individuals, grassroot movements and organisations, that actively engage with climate change. Also, the COY will be an opportunity to develop and prepare actions and solidarity events around COP23.

  • Prospective Members of Climate Movements

COY13 invites individuals who are not yet active members of climate movements and encourages their involvement. This group maybe interested in getting an overview of the key issues in the negotiation process.
General Procedure:
To get registered as a participant of COY13, you have to fill in the registration form which is linked on the bottom of this site. In the registration form you will have the opportunity to book below mentioned options: accommodation, 3-Day-Conference-Package and Day Passes.
After submitting the registration form you will receive an E-Mail that confirms your successful registration.
Please note that accommodation during COY13 and also COP23 will be very tense in and around Bonn. We did the best possible to ensure affordable accommodation to as many COY13 participants as possible. Following are the different options of accommodation we can provide you with.
Please note, that the accommodation options can only be booked for the entire indicated time (01 to 05 November 2017).

For more details, please visit this link.

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